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Web Design | 2 min read

Why Proper Item Categorization Matters...

Bryan Falla from 3dcart's Marketing Team explains why it is impossible to overstate the importance of proper categorization in e-commerce. You may have the greatest widget on the market today, but if customers search your site they can’t find widgets in a way that makes sense to them, or if they run a Google search on widgets and your company isn’t in the first few SERPS rankings (Search Engine Results Pages), no one may ever know.

Simply put by ZOG Digital’s Jason Squardo, "The better the[...]

Web Design | 0 min read

How to Install & Configure 3dcart's New Responsive Templates

Web Design | 2 min read

Great News! 3dcart’s Free Responsive Templates Are Now Available

Web Design | 0 min read

The Ecommerce Corner: How to Configure 3dcart's Homepage Slider

Web Design | 4 min read

The Importance of Your Homepage; Twenty-five Seconds and Counting

In order for your online store to be successful, you need an awesome homepage. There’s no getting around it. You can’t have one without the other. The two are forever intertwined like Romeo and Juliet.

Web Design | 0 min read

Come Meet the 3dcart Team and Learn the Basic Web Design Tips

This Friday March 22nd from 4 PM – 6 PM, 3dcart will be hosting a “Basic Web Design Tips to Improve Website Usability” Meetup here in our Fort Lauderdale, FL office.

Web Design | 1 min read

8 Beautiful Ecommerce Stores Built Using 3dcart

With over 16,000 successful eCommerce stores built on 3dcart, choosing a handful of stores to highlight was no small task. There are too many beautiful 3cart stores to list them all, but we chose to showcase the below sampling of well-designed merchants because overall they are doing eCommerce design right - great navigation, beautiful product photos, compelling calls-to-action and impressive design.

Web Design | 1 min read

New 3dcart Upsell Banners Just In Time For Fall!

Crisp air,  warm sweaters, Starbucks' holiday flavored coffees - what's not to love about the fall! If you needed one more reason to embrace that nip in the air, 3dcart  just released new Upsell banners in the spirit of season!

Web Design | 0 min read

Online Stores for DUMMIES!

We know our customers aren't Dummies, but giving them a book never hurts. That's why we've partnered up with DUMMIES to offer a free copy of their latest book 'Online Stores for DUMMIES' to anyone that signs up for a new 3dcart store! The book is packed with all the steps you'll need to get you off the ground & running.

Web Design | 2 min read

What Is Web Accessibility?

When designing your store, you obviously should be focused on your customers' experience, but what some merchants and designers forget is that not every customer is the same. Beyond just design preferences, a portion of your potential customer-base has different abilities and needs when it comes to being able navigate and interact with the Internet. That is why designing with web accessibility in mind is so important.

Web Design | 0 min read

3dcart & Red Peach Designs Introduce 8 New Premium Templates

3dcart is happy to announce eight new templates in our premium template store. The The three beautiful “Stationary” templates were designed by RedPeach Designs and the five others come the design team here at 3dcart. Give them a look and tell us what you think in the comments! [gallery link="file"]

Web Design | 1 min read

The Art of Color Coordination

Close your eyes.

Web Design | 1 min read

Introducing: The 3dcart Template Store

Creating design templates for 3dcart stores can help supplement a designer’s resume and bring in extra income (30 percent of every template sold).

Web Design | 0 min read

Color & eCommerce: What Is Your Site Saying?

When it comes to eCommerce design, every decision matters because aspect of your design impacts conversion...even the colors. Offline merchants have been using color tactics for centuries to lure customers in with advertisements or window displays so it makes sense that online merchants use color to influence the consumer too.

KISSmetrics published this interesting guide to the affect color have on eCommerce:

Web Design | 1 min read

Faceted Navigation Converts Higher

Below is a guest post by Dewey Halden, the Director of Sales at SearchSpring.

Web Design | 3 min read

How to Increase Conversions with Site Search

Below is a guest post by Dewey Halden, the Director of Sales at SearchSpring.

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