If you’re starting an online store, odds are you’ve encountered a half dozen or more eCommerce platforms that at first glance, pretty much seem to offer, or at least promise, the same bells and whistles.

In recent months, website builder Wix has garnered a lot of attention – they boast a collection of more than 500 beautiful, advanced templates, all of which support intuitive drag and drop functionality.

A pretty impressive number for any eCommerce platform, and one that’s hard to beat. But there’s a major drawback, or flaw, in Wix’s system, one that a lot of store owners are making waves about on eCommerce forums and communities. Despite having one of the largest collections, once you’ve picked a Wix template, there’s no changing your mind. Install a template and you’re stuck with it for the remainder of your store’s lifespan.

Is this a deal-breaker for every store owner? Not necessarily, especially if you’re able to find a gorgeous theme the first time-around. Unfortunately, as many Wix customers are discovering, there are many other limitations to Wix’s platform aside from their peculiar theme restriction.

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur looking to launch your very first online store, take into consideration the following 10 Wix limitations that can severely hinder your online store’s ability to grow and expand.

  1. You can’t add an SSL certificate

Looking to keep your customers on your domain through the entire checkout process? If you’re a Wix customer, such a feat isn’t possible. To keep shoppers on your domain, your store needs a dedicated SSL certificate, a feature Wix sorely lacks. All WixStore shoppers are redirected to a secure Wix address, which increases the risk of cart abandonment during the most sensitive stage of the checkout process.

  1. No real-time shipping rates

Real-time shipping rates is a feature many online store owners look for in an eCommerce platform, not only to ensure their customers get the most accurate rates, but it helps save invaluable time and energy too. WixStores, however, cannot be integrated with any mail services (FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.), which can lead to an untold amount of extra tedious work for store owners.

  1. No integrated payment providers

If you want to take control of your online store by using your preferred payment methods, that’s likely not going to be possible with Wix. The platform currently supports only 6 payment options, all of which are hosted outside their site.

  1. You can’t import or export products

An online store owner will encounter countless scenarios that require the importing and/or exporting of their products, a frustrating realization for countless WixStore owners as they discover too late that the platform does not support the importing or exporting of products.

  1. Basic category functionality

As online stores grow and expand, it’s only natural that their categories will too. If your store requires multiple levels of subcategories, keep in mind that Wix offers only basic category functionality: you can only have one level of subcategories.

  1. You can’t sort or filter products

Providing customers with a flawless shopping experience is the priority of nearly every eCommerce store owner, and is in large part affected by the ease of site navigation. Unfortunately, WixStores lack the ability to sort or filter products, a handicap that has affected many store owners’ ability to ensure customer satisfaction.

  1. Limited phone support hours

When your online store runs 24/7, it’s important that you have access to helpful, knowledgeable support around the clock. If you’re looking to ensure your business’s security and success, it’s important to consider that Wix phone support is only available from 7am to 4pm PST, leaving their store owners to fend for themselves for the better part of the day.

  1. No support for real-time tax calculation

Setting up taxes is a burdensome yet necessary aspect of eCommerce, which is why automated tax solutions are universally adored by online store owners across the globe. If you’re a WixStore owner, though, get ready to fill your foreseeable afternoons researching and inputting tax rates manually. The platform does not support real-time tax calculation through solutions like Avalara and Taxcloud.

  1. 100+ products will negatively impact your store’s performance

If you sell more than 100 products and are a WixStore owner, be ready to face the consequences. Wix recommends that no store exceeds 100 products, as additional products can adversely impact your store’s performance.

  1. No product reviews

Product reviews are a great way to instill trust and build a reputable brand. This basic feature, however, isn’t something you’ll have access to at Wix. Allowing or integrating product reviews isn’t possible with any WixStore.

Is Wix right for you?

Despite these limitations, Wix still has a lot going for it, and is a great option for businesses that don’t require a ton of customization or features. If you’re serious about selling online, however, and if you’re looking for maximum control of your online store and customer shopping experience, Wix may not be the best platform for you and your business.

For $19.90/month, Wix offers: 20GB storage, 10GB Bandwidth, and 100 products.

3dcart, a platform that offers all of the above features plus much more, is available for $19.99/month, and offers Unlimited Storage, Unlimited bandwidth, and Unlimited products.

So is $.09 worth the frustration and limitations you’ll experience at Wix? That’s up to you to decide.

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