Even though it is one of the fastest growing social networks, LinkedIn's business focus makes it distinctly different from other mega-networks like Facebook & Twitter. Being soley focused on professional networking opens up the platform to offer more straight-forward marketing opportunities than other social networks. Before we dive into the world of LinkedIn marketing, here are a few things you need to know:

Big & Influential 

With over 135 million users, LinkedIn's user base is massive and these are not teeny-boppers looking to message their friends about The Jonas Brothers. With 77% of users being over 25 and the average income of a LinkedIn user being more than $100K, LinkedIn offers you a chance to connect with a network of influential decision-markers.

Linkedin users,


LinkedIn doesn't just have millions of users or even millions of influential users. LinkedIn has millions of ACTIVE  influential users.  500,000 professionals say they visit LinkedIn EVERYDAY.


Leveraging LinkedIn's network is more than just showing up and creating a profile. It's about taking advantage of the incredible built in networking opportunities like LinkedIn Answers & Groups.  These two features offer a great chance to connect with professionals, build your credibility and nab some quality backlinks!

Answers gives you a chance to ask LinkedIn's influential professional network any question you like  or answer any questions that apply to your business or knowledge base.

Linkedin Answers

LinkedIn groups are a great way to connect with industry professionals, maximize networking opportunities  for upcoming or past events, learn from you colleagues, establish your authority, etc

linkedin groups