With the constant expansion of eCommerce, the industry has also seen the birth of new services and service providers to help businesses sell online. This means a vast world of opportunity not just for online store owners, but also for agencies that support them via web design, marketing, and more. Online businesses both new and established are looking for talented and knowledgeable eCommerce agencies to help them reach their goals.

If your ambition is to start an eCommerce agency, you're likely drawn to this industry by your own expertise and knowledge regarding one of the many facets of eCommerce. Perhaps you're a web designer ready to craft the perfect website for your clients. Maybe you're a marketing expert and you want to help others grow their business. Or, maybe part of your mission is to connect merchants with powerful software that will help their business excel. In all these cases (and more), becoming a 3dcart Partner will be a valuable choice for you.

Let's go into the basics of the 3dcart Partner Program, the benefits of becoming a 3dcart reseller, and why this program may be right for you. We'll also cover the process for becoming a 3dcart Partner.


What is a 3dcart Partner?

In short, a 3dcart Partner is an eCommerce service provider who works together with 3dcart for mutual benefit. Many 3dcart Partners are 3dcart Experts, meaning they have extensive knowledge of how 3dcart works and are available to help clients with custom design, development, or other needs of their 3dcart store. Other 3dcart Experts have skills or knowledge that isn't specific to one eCommerce platform, like product photography, photo editing, and logo design. 3dcart Experts can be found on our 3dcart Experts Directory.

3dcart Partners can also be resellers. In eCommerce, a reseller is any company that promotes an existing software platform and signs clients up for commission. Generally, resellers offer additional services to add value for anyone who signs up through them rather than heading directly to the platform they're reselling. Unlike affiliate sales, which offer a one-time commission on new signups through the affiliate's link, a 3dcart reseller is entitled to up to a 25% commission on the client's monthly fee for the lifetime of their account.

Who Can Resell 3dcart?

Several types of agencies can benefit from reselling 3dcart to their clients, and it can be either the central part of their business or one of many services they offer. Here are a few types of agencies that could find opportunity in becoming a 3dcart reseller.

eCommerce Experts

If you're an eCommerce guru (or on your way to becoming one), your goal is to help your students or followers understand the eCommerce process and become thriving business owners in their own right. The resources you offer should include a list of recommended tools. As a 3dcart Partner, you'll be able to sign clients up to 3dcart directly as part of the eCommerce coaching services you offer (and earn a lifetime commission on each client, to boot). It's up to you if you decide to promote 3dcart exclusively, but focusing on 3dcart will allow you to provide more detailed and specific lessons for your customers, as you'll be able to instruct them on the exact procedures to build their online stores. This means you can offer higher-quality instruction rather than speaking in vague terms to accommodate multiple platforms.

Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies can focus on SEO, social media, organic marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), or other techniques — or offer a complete solution that targets all of these channels. Since 3dcart has a full suite of marketing tools and the most powerful built-in SEO features available, it's a choice platform for any business with serious marketing ambitions. Marketing agencies can become 3dcart resellers to offer a complete package for any business seeking to go online and succeed. This way, their client starts out on the right software and can get the most out of the agency's other services.

Web Designers

Many web designers work with multiple platforms and can create websites for clients using a range of software. However, others may want to offer a more complete solution that includes hosting, PCI compliance, and other necessary infrastructure. In this case, becoming a 3dcart reseller would mean the web designer can offer not just the visuals of the page, but the entire software package. Web designers working with 3dcart can also offer eCommerce website templates for sale through our Theme Store while running their own business as a reseller, which differentiates the 3dcart Partner Program from similar programs offered by other eCommerce providers such as Shopify, which limit your options.

Web Developers

Web developers are knowledgeable in coding, but usually prefer to start with an existing platform or framework in order to avoid "reinventing the wheel" for each customer. As a web developer reselling 3dcart, you could offer custom solutions with 3dcart as the basis for your programming. With full access to the API and tons of 3dcart developer resources available, you can build apps to expand the functionality of 3dcart to meet your clients' specific needs.

Payment Processors

Payment providers will often find it in their best interests to offer a good eCommerce solution to help expedite their clients' ability to sell online. This will help the client start making sales faster, which means a shorter wait before the payment provider can start collecting their processing fees. 3dcart is an exceptionally good platform for payment processors due to the ease of integration and the fact that we don't add any transaction fees of their own. Some eCommerce platforms like Shopify will actually hurt payment providers, which pushes hard for its store owners to use their proprietary Shopify Payments. If a merchant opens their store on Shopify, it's likely the payment provider will lose them as a client. Reselling 3dcart to payment processing clients can help a provider to keep them as customers.

Distributors or Manufacturers

Distributors and manufacturers rely on clients further down the supply chain to sell their products at retail. By reselling 3dcart, you can provide your new retail sellers with a shortcut for getting their own website ready to sell your products. With 3dcart's Site Copy feature, which we'll describe later in this article, you can even set your clients up with a premade website that already has your products and categories.

Other Agencies

Reselling 3dcart can be a great strategy for any eCommerce-related agency that wants to provide its clients with a complete solution for building a website. In addition to the above, this could also include domain registrars, business-oriented life coaches, any 3dcart Partners, and many others.

Create Your Own Branding with 3dcart's White-Label eCommerce Solution

Reselling 3dcart doesn't mean you necessarily have to promote 3dcart alongside your own business. You can completely integrate 3dcart into your own brand by using our white-label eCommerce website builder.

White labeling is the practice of offering a product completely free of branding so it can be rebranded and resold by another agency. This allows a business to sell a fully branded product without needing to spend time and money developing it from scratch. White labeling is an option offered by many suppliers of all types of products, including software.

3dcart offers a white-label eCommerce solution to agencies looking to resell the 3dcart platform under their own name. Instead of 3dcart branding, the software can be visually overhauled to be completely distinctive and only use the branding of your company. This is the ideal solution for businesses that don't have the timeframe or resources available to build a platform from scratch, but still want to offer powerful and feature-rich software to your customers while ensuring you retain all brand recognition. It is possible to remove all 3dcart-associated branding and wording from everything that faces your clients.

3dcart's white-label solution is a great option for 3dcart Partners who want to provide SaaS eCommerce tools to their clients, possibly alongside custom web design or app development (or any other services offered directly by the partner).


What Features and Resources are Available to 3dcart Partners?

At the core of the 3dcart Partner Program is the opportunity for you to earn a recurring revenue through commission. Since we want you to succeed as a 3dcart Partner, we also include several resources and benefits within this program to help you enhance your business in multiple ways.

  • Exclusive information and tools: 3dcart Partners have access to a special portal from which you can access training materials, plus you'll receive a Partner-only newsletter with the latest updates.

  • Early access to new features and integrations: When we introduce new features, or integrate with new software, you'll be the first to know. You'll get early access so you can start learning these features and be prepared for their release.

  • Free sandbox accounts: A sandbox account is a 3dcart store used for development, design, or experimentation rather than selling products. Sandbox accounts allow freedom of design without affecting an existing website, so many developers and designers use them to present finished work to their clients before applying it to the client website.

  • Site cloning feature: A sandbox account can be copied, or cloned, as many times as needed. This means you can create a "baseline" website to immediately present to your clients. Everything on the sandbox store can be cloned, including products, categories, and all other settings. This is especially useful for manufacturers and/or distributors that want to provide websites "pre-loaded" with their selection of products, payment providers that want to supply websites with their payment method preinstalled, and other agencies who seek to provide a certain "starting point" for new client websites.

  • Discounts on 3dcart plans: 3dcart resellers receive up to a 25% markdown price that can be used to sign up new clients through the 3dcart Partner Program to help you earn more customers and get more commissions.

  • 3dcart accreditations: Within the Partner Portal you can access your Certified Partner Badge and get "3dcart Approved" banners for your website to help establish your authority as a genuine 3dcart Expert. We can help you with custom links, variants on the banners, or other content as needed.

  • Premium support: In addition to our 24/7/365 support via phone, chat, and email, 3dcart Partners have unlimited access to our highest-level tech support via our Priority Partner Support team. We also have dedicated support for any questions or assistance about our Partner Program in general.

  • Listing in our 3dcart Experts Directory: A listing as a 3dcart Expert gives you a place on our website where customers are likely to go when they need a provider of the services you offer. You can post a full listing including a description of your services, pricing, portfolio, and more, and can also accrue customer reviews. For example, if you're a web designer and become a 3dcart Expert, a new client could choose your agency from our directory to have you create and design their 3dcart website.


How to Become a 3dcart Partner

It's easy to start the process of becoming a 3dcart Partner. Visit our Partner with 3dcart page to get a quick overview and find further instructions and the application form. Once you've gone through a short approval process, we'll send you a link to your Partner Dashboard Account from which you can start accessing your resources.

You'll be required to include 3dcart on your website via the referral link and your Certified Partner Badge. The referral link is how you direct your customers to 3dcart, and the badge signals your status as a trusted 3dcart Partner. When you're ready to launch, contact us so we can coordinate with you and help promote your business with our new partnership.

It's really that easy. If you've got the skills and the ambition, we're excited to work with you.


How Does a 3dcart Reseller Sign Up New Accounts?

As a 3dcart Partner, we're ready to help support you as you grow your business. This includes providing you with a dedicated Account Manager who will be responsible for creating new 3dcart accounts under your reseller account. You will also be able to create new accounts within your 3dcart Partner dashboard, but your Account Manager will still be there to assist you if you should need it.


Streamlined Workflow for eCommerce Agencies

3dcart's reseller program makes it easy to set up new accounts for your customers, whether you need to design their whole website first, or simply put together a baseline website that includes your products, payment provider, or other specifics pre-installed for their convenience.

Let's take a look at an example process a reseller could use to create a new 3dcart website for a client. We'll use a web design agency as an example, since this is the type of agency most likely to need to do a significant amount of work on a website before releasing it to the client. Other agencies may not need to go so far — in some cases, they'd only have to complete the first one or two steps before handing the website off to the client.

Additionally, use of the site cloning feature would drastically simplify this process for any agency providing baseline websites to its clients: you'd only have to complete the initial steps once, until you're satisfied with the base website, and then clone it unlimited times for each client. Once the site is cloned, you can make new changes to the copy without affecting the original, so you can still provide unique-looking websites to clients without needing to repeat all the work.

Example of a Design Agency Reselling 3dcart

The tools available to 3dcart Partners make it convenient to design websites for clients. Since you can create sandbox accounts within your Partner Portal, you'll be able to create a complete 3dcart store with your custom design and have it ready for your client's approval before they need to make their 3dcart account. Once the client approves the design, you can sign them up directly through your portal.

A 3dcart Partner providing web design and setup would follow steps similar to these, although parts of the design process don't need to be done in this exact order — for example, you can add site content before uploading products.

  1. Create the sandbox account.

  2. Install a theme. You can install a 3dcart theme directly from the sandbox account's dashboard or pick from the 3dcart Theme Store. The theme you pick is only going to be a starter point for your custom design work, so you can choose one that somewhat resembles your intended final product, one that the customer wants you to work from, or simply use the default theme if you want to start from scratch.

  3. Customize the design. 3dcart themes are built on our Core Template Engine, which is a modular theme design framework based on Bootstrap. It works like a set of building blocks that can be used in a highly flexible manner to help designers create an attractive, functional, and fully customized website with as much freedom as possible. Full Core Template Engine documentation is available.

  4. Upload products and categories. You'll need to have at least a few products and categories on the website to show a complete design to your client. Alternately, if your service includes a full product upload and your client has provided you with a full list of their inventory, you can add them all. Products can be created manually or uploaded via CSV.

  5. Add content. Create your customer's About Us page, policy pages, and any other pages within your service agreement and add the content they have provided for you. Homepage content should also be added at this time. If the customer hasn't yet given you the copy they want on the website, use our Lorem Ipsum generator to create dummy text so there will at least be an idea of what the content will look like. Add the images as well, including the customer's logo and banners if available.

  6. Present the website to the client. If your service agreement includes design revisions, work through those as well.

  7. When the client approves the website and is ready to launch, sign up for a 3dcart on their behalf by creating their account through your dashboard or contacting your Account Manager to set it up for you.

At this point, the client's 3dcart website can go live and you'll start receiving your commission on their plan for as long as their account is active.

Keep in mind that the above steps are a technical example for 3dcart Partners that are more deeply involved with the building and design of the client's website. If you're not offering web design services, your process could be a lot shorter — and in fact could take less than a day, depending on the services you do offer. If you use site clones, you could reduce your work even further, as we discussed above.


Ready to Get Started?

Becoming a 3dcart Partner can be a lucrative step forward for an eCommerce agency. We're happy to provide the tools and enhanced support that can help you grow your business and bring your skills to more customers, while earning you a recurring income. We know you have an important role to play in helping others succeed in eCommerce as well, and our available resources reflect our commitment to both you and your clients. Partner with 3dcart today.