Email marketing is becoming more and more social. If you need proof just check out GetResonses's infographic below!

Users sharing a store's email is a merchant dream, but its not just going to happen out of the blue, users need a reason to share. Its important to make it easy and enticing for users to share  information with friends, both on social networks and through email.

So what can you do to help your email marketing spread across the social universe?

1. Include social links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ ETC

You should make social sharing convenient and simple as possible. Link to social networks within your emails and include icons to grab their attention

2. Entice Users With A Good Deal

Most users are not going to spam their loved ones.  You need to give users a  good reason to share with their family and friends, like a special deal or a BOGO offer.

3. Give A 1st Time Buyer Coupon

Encourage users to share with friends by offering a 15% 1st Time Buyer Coupon. Your existing subscribers will be good friends and pass along the coupon codes ( and maybe nudge their friends to send a thank you gift).

4. Refer A Friend

If you really want to amp up your social sharing game, offer a 'refer a friend'  program to your customers by adding a 'Referred by:' section to your checkout process. When a user puts their friends email as the referrer, you can send them a discount code or coupon. This is a great way to turn your existing customers salespeople!

Now that your emails are share-worthy, check out how users are sharing emails just like yours all over the social universe!