Zippycart's infographic shows  how design and messaging affect consumer shopping behavior aka online conversions! The infographic shares some really interesting facts and figures and the data reveals some really useful tips for merchants:

SISS- Say It Simple Stupid.

    • Make copy simple and to the point. People want to know the who/what/when/where quickly and easily. Simple copy is effective copy.

You're not Billy Mays.

  • Don’t sound like a late-night infomercial. Unless your products are Kaboom, sham-wows or snuggies, leave the Billy Mays' routine behind.

Make your homepage a home run.

  • Your homepage should have clear, easy to understand call to actions. Use Google's Website optimizer to test homepage copy and be dilligent about tracking conversions and tweaking messaging!

Appeal to a users sense of urgency ... NOW!

    People don't want to miss out on a good deal. Entice deal-shoppers with daily deals or monthly specials. that Let users know the time to buy is now with a good call to action, clear end date and a strong incentive. Consider adding a countdown clock to your front page.

Show em' what ya got!

  • If you have something that is particularly intciing like FREE shipping,  buy one get one free special, or exclusive products, let users know with bold graphics. Sometimes words just aren't enough, focus users attention with clean eye-catching graphics like arrows which have been shown to increase conversions by 20%!

Red doesn't always mean stop.

  • Red buttons have a high conversion rate than green. Its important to not take any element of the purchasing process for granted, test colors, button size, and copy on everything. You never know, maybe yellow will be your high conversion color?

Flash your badge of trust

  • The Internet  is a scary place for a lot of newbie shoppers and they are looking for any indicator of whether you are trust-worthy or not. Display security badges prominently and consider adding a short note on what each of them means with links to the security company's website.

Somethings are better left unsaid.

  • Just as important as what you write, is what you don't write. Remember to not only test different messages, test no message at all!