The World Wide Web currently has millions of online stores that individuals seeking an outlet for making money from home have established, yet the majority of those are not making a dime. The issue here is that these “Netrepreneurs” have the business knowledge and basic website design know-how to set up a business and a website, yet do not have a clue how to properly market their online stores. Marketing is just as important in the process of establishing an online store as setting up the website. Creating an online business is a fairly simple process, but without proper marketing, it is nothing more or less than a waste of time. Fortunately, the process of marketing is very simple once you know the proper steps to take.

The first thing that you must do to catapult your online store marketing procedure is the most simple, and that is to merely submit your site to all the major search engines, such as Google.Com and Yahoo.Com. The submission process requires nothing more than going to the search engine home pages, finding a link to site submission (usually near the bottom of the page) and typing in your site address. Alternately, one can simply search the term “multiple search engine submission” and find sites that will submit your home page to all the major search engines at once.

Once that initial basic step is taken care of, you will need to familiarize yourself with the Google algorithm system. Though it sounds daunting, this too is a fairly simple concept. Google will regularly, usually about every three months, crawl the internet searching all websites to determine their popularity. The more popular sites will go up in page rank and the lesser ones will either decline or stay stagnant. Most people think popularity comes from the number of visits to the site. Though that is a factor, the real impact is back links. Back links are links from other sites to yours. If the site that has a back link to your homepage on it is high ranking, your page rank will likely go up quicker. The trick here is to find very popular sites and offer to trade links with them, or even leave comments on their sites regarding their products or subjects with a back link to your site. It takes a little time, but very little to no technical know-how.

Another way to market your site via back links is write small articles regarding the same type of products that you are selling on your site and submit them to free article sites. These sites will then post your articles on their website and others can come, read them, take them and post them on their own sites. Each article should have a back link to your site at the bottom of it. This will open up a world of potential back links for you.

There are many other very effective forms of marketing your sites, such as networking websites, i.e. Twitter, Facebook,  and MySpace. These networking portals receive thousands of visitors per day giving you plenty of promotional opportunities. As a last tip, try to keep whatever product you are selling either equal to or more affordable than other similar products found on the web. People will go a long way to save a few cents.