Pinterest recently rolled out new "businesss pages" offering more features to businesses and confirming their status as one of the top social marketing platforms.

Here's what you need to know about the new accounts:

1) Free and not that different: Pinterest business accounts are totally free and right now a business page looks the same as a personal page except for businesses can now use the full name of their business without having to go around the first name/last name fields.

2) Verifying your account : Pinterest now lets businesses to officially link their websites to their Pinterest profiles and places the full URL with a red check mark in front of it in the About section to signify a verified account.

pinterest verified accounts

3) New Analytics: Similar to Facebook insights, merchants will soon be given reports that will help analyze and track their audience, their pin's effectiveness and their influence.

4) Converting Your Account: Pinterest makes it extremly simple to convert a personal Pinterest page to a business page. Just go to the Pinterest business portal and click on either the "Convert your existing account" button or the "Join as a business" link. But if you’re new to Pinterest and about to set up a new account for business, then you need to head on over here.

convert pinterest page

5) New Terms Of Service: Pinterest has rolled out new terms of service for businesses. The rules listed here don't really change how to use Pinterest just serve to remind merchants of what they can expect from Pinterest and its users. Mainly to remind  merchants that your website's content might be pinned Pinterest by others, who are able to redistribute, modify, or otherwise change and reuse your content on the Pinterest platform