Want to find out what your visitors are looking at in your store at this very second, where they'recoming from, and where they're dropping off? 3dcart is excited to announce our integration with LexityLive, a free real-time analytics app for 3dcart that shows you detailed visitor activity as it happens, to help you make more sales. You can track every visitor currently in your store, view complete page history for each visitor as well as what they're currently viewing, and see which products they are putting in the shopping cart. Checkitout under the Marketing tab in the App Store--it's totally free for all 3dcart merchants.

How Lexity Live Helps You Track Visitor Activity

Here are two ways 3dcart merchants can use Lexity Live to drive more sales:

●      Find out what makes or breaks a sale with real-time visitor tracking

●      Measure the results of your marketing campaigns immediately with detailed information on keywords, referral links, search engines, and geolocation

Learn what makes or breaks a sale with real-time visitor tracking

Lexity Live's interface gives you an overview of everything happening in your store right now, at a glance. Notably, however, it has a higher granularity of information than other analytics tools, allowing you to drill down to get details even on individual visitors, so you can zero in on promising customers who have a product in the cart, or lost prospects who recently abandoned your site.

Drilling down on an individual customer reveals a wealth of information. A full click trail shows you how your customers typically browse your site, as well as navigation obstacles that may be losing you sales.

You can also see the current page the visitor is viewing, approximate geographic location, keywords searched for, and referral information, all good stuff to know for your online and offline marketing efforts.

Measure the results of your marketing campaigns immediately

Lexity Live helps you effectively measure the results of your marketing efforts, particularly social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Other analytics products take hours to update, but since Lexity Live is real-time, you'll know immediately if you're getting mileage from that special deal you just posted on Facebook. Just check out the referrers list, and you can even watch as visitors arrive and see if they end up buying.

Lexity Live is totally free for all 3dcart merchants. It's simple to set up and gets you vital information about your visitor activity right up front in an easy-to-use interface. Track your visitors and measure results of your marketing campaigns in real time to help your store make more sales. Tryout Lexity Live for free now!

Questions? Shoot them a line at contact@lexity.com--their team is friendly and helpful!

The following post was provided by Lexity.com!