Jimmy Rodriguez

Jimmy Rodriguez
COO & Co-founder @ 3dcart. focused on helping internet retailers succeed online by developing strategies, actionable plans and customer experiences that grow and improve performance.

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Come Meet the 3dcart Team and Learn the Basic Web Design Tips

This Friday March 22nd from 4 PM – 6 PM, 3dcart will be hosting a “Basic Web Design Tips to Improve Website Usability” Meetup here in our Fort Lauderdale, FL office.

Endicia Label Server Integration

New Built-in USPS Shipping Labels Printing with DYMO Endicia Integration

Introducing "Share Your Purchase" from 3dcart

Facebook now has a billion active monthly users, creating a giant opportunity for online merchants. Now online stores using 3dcart can use this opportunity to their advantage with “Share Your Purchase,” a new feature available to all 16,000[...]

Internet Retailer’s 2013 Web Design & Usability Conference

Come Visit 3dcart at Internet Retailer’s 2013 Web Design & Usability Conference. A Special Discount for 3dcart Merchant - Get $100 Off Registration to IRWD

Our Gift to You: Unflinching Support, Even During the Holidays

Our Gift to You: Unflinching Support, Even During the Holidays

3dcart News

3dcart Gets Cozy in New 17,000+ Sq. Ft. Building in Tamarac

3dcart Gets Cozy in New 17,000+ Sq. Ft. Building in Tamarac


What is an HTML Title Tag and How You Can Change the Title of Your Website

Title tags are a very important part of on-page search engine optimization, so it's crucial to use them properly. They also come into play in helping search engine users decide to click on the link to your site rather than another.[...]

eCommerce Marketing

5 Tips For Marketing Digital Products

The digital revolution didn't just revolution how you shop, it also revolutionized what you shop. Instead of physical goods, many merchants are selling bits & bytes in the form of e-books, mp3 music files, downloadable images, software, videos, &[...]

daily deals, engage, group buying, products, selling online, Social Media, 3dcart News

How to Promote Daily Deals in Social Media

Guest post by: Bethany Ramos is an expert in Internet marketing and social media marketing, and she also co-owns her own e-commerce website, The Coffee Bump.

Is your business prepared for a DDOS attack?

Guest post by David Hamlen of ChoiceChecks

Should E-Commerce Merchants Advertise on Facebook?

SEO, Reputation Management

Boost your online store rankings with customer reviews

Want to increase visitors to your online store and make more sales without spending a penny extra on advertising?

Encouraging customer reviews is the way to do it.

Is a Social Presence Right for your E-commerce Store?

By now, you may have heard quite a bit of buzz about social media marketing, but reaching out to potential customers through social media is much more than that. The truth is that social media is attracting more Internet users than ever before.[...]

Leveraging Infographics to Improve Your SEO Rankings

Ecommerce merchants are constantly looking for new and creative ways to promote their online stores, and by now most have realized the value of running a blog to attract visitors to their site in the hopes of converting them into paying[...]

How small businesses can beat the Google Panda update


If you take even a passing interest in SEO or marketing your business online, chances are you will have seen and heard about the recent Google Panda update.

There’s been a lot of speculation about how Google’s algorithm has changed and the[...]

Fresh Content Is King

No matter what type of business  you own, content must play a pivotal role in your Internet marketing strategy. Providing relevant and valuable contents is nonnegotiable for any niche market.

Shipping & Fulfillment

How to Offer Free Shipping with 3DCart

Every eCommerce merchant battles the arch nemesis of online sales - cart abandonment.

Ecommerce Spring Cleaning

When nature sweeps away the snow, we break out the squeegee and broom to get our own matters in order too. But spring cleaning can mean much more than shiny floors and smudge-free window.

Attract Readers to Your Blog Community

Guest post by :Bethany Ramos

eCommerce News

How Product Recommendations can Boost your Sales 10-25%

Guest post by:  Amy Weissfeld

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