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Product Warranty Program: Top 4 Benefits Every Merchant Will Love

WarrantyOnline merchants are constantly on the lookout for different ways to keep customers hooked and happy. With the mounting competition all around you, it’s a total no-no to stay static without innovating and offering something new, something fun, and something incredible every now and then.

What’s one common cause for complaint and dissatisfaction among customers?

Unreliability. It’s definitely a big problem, one of the regular reasons that customers call up customer support. The product’s not working as it should. A part of it got easily broken. It bogged down so fast. All these point to unreliability, putting a stain on your reputation and a strain in your relationship with consumers.

So what’s a good solution to address this concern?

Here’s our answer: Increase reliability by providing protection. What’s even better is to offer extended insurance that will ensure them of longer-lasting functionality.

This is why 3dcart offers its merchants a free app just to have this kind of product warranty program. Take a look at these wonderful benefits of having such a program.

Display of Care and Dedication

When you offer add-ons to products in order to lengthen their quality and overall life span, it’s like reaching out to your customers and showing care and affection. It’s a great way to express your dedication in providing them the best and allowing them to enjoy your products longer.  In this light, you’ll get to develop a better relationship with them too while you also benefit from amplified trust and appreciation.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

When you satisfy your customers, you make them feel valued. It’s got that psychological effect on them, making the shopping experience unforgettable and encouraging them to return to your store. In presenting them with a product warranty program that includes a variety of extended protection plans to cover for damages and malfunctions, you’re definitely boosting their feeling of gratification. It’s a thumbs up sign for you!

Improved Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty comes hand in hand with customer satisfaction. You can’t help but develop a devoted and steadfast clientele when you keep fulfilling their needs and making them feel cared for. With full service protection, you’re bound to keep growing your list of loyal consumers.

Enhanced Revenues

It’s but natural to also enjoy enhanced revenues along the way, when your customers are content with your products and services and you’re gaining more loyal buyers too. As a bonus, you can even get an average of 30% commission for every warranty availed that’s paid upfront. Thus, it’s just the icing on the cake, the cake being all the other amazing benefits that come with an extended warranty program.

3dcart’s merchants have the privilege to install the free ASSURINTYGlobal app for their product warranty program. The extended protection plans propose a tangible guarantee of protection and peace of mind, two advantages that many consumers absolutely love. This program is applicable for electronics and appliances, jewelry, watches, eyewear, furniture and more.

Joe Palko is the CMO of 3dcart. Prior to joining 3dcart in 2011, Joe was a true internet pioneer co-founding his first e-commerce website in 1994 which later sold to America's largest mail order pet supply retailer in 2007. Joe also co-founded Solid Cactus in 2001, which was later sold to the Group in 2009.


3dcart Version 6.2 Search Engine Optimization Features

3dcart Version 6.2 SEO Features and Tools

We want  to see you succeed as an online business because, the way we see it, your success means our success. That’s why we make sure you have the latest in SEO capabilities available in your online store. Our SEO tools turn complex optimization functionalities into user-friendly, easy-to-use options.

Today, we’re happy to announce 3dcart Version 6.2, our latest, most advanced 3dcart version yet — and it’s full of new and improved SEO features…

New Google Universal Analytics Integration

Universal Analytics changes the way your site’s data is collected and organized in Google Analytics, which will provide a better understanding of how your customers interact with your online store and can even give you insights into audience demographics and interests.

Universal Analytics uses one single Users ID to connects a single user’s behavior to multiple data metrics so you can have more and more accurate data about your visitors’ engagement with your online content.

By using Universal Analytics in your e-commerce website, you can take advantage of the following benefits for your online store:

  • Track visitor-interaction and behavior across multiple devices, sessions and engagement data
  • Have access to new and more flexible data collection methods, which let you track any digital device
  • Create custom dimensions and metrics to collect data that is unique to your online business
  • Stay current with Google Analytics’ future features and updates

To enable your store’s Universal Analytics integration, use the 3dcart SEO Tools Google Analytics Tracking ID tool. When you enter the UA code inside the Tracking ID field, the new code will automatically be placed inside the <head> section of your online store. This allows Google Anaytics to index the necessary script and pull the necessary data.

New Pagination with Rel=”Next” and Rel=”Prev”

With 3dcart 6.2, we are introducing product-page pagination enhanced with rel=”next” and rel=”prev”. We took this giant leap toward the future of search-friendly e-commerce in an effort to overcome those pesky duplicate content warnings in your Webmaster Tools.

What Rel=”Next” and Rel=”Prev” does is tell the search engines that a paginated page is not a duplicate but an extension of the first page – even though it contains the same page title and meta tags — and gives the first page in a sequence the most SEO value.

Here’s a more technical note about rel=”next” and rel=”prev” from Google’s own Webmaster Central Blog:

Much like rel=”canonical” acts a strong hint for duplicate content, you can now use the HTML link elements rel=”next” and rel=”prev” to indicate the relationship between component URLs in a paginated series. Throughout the web, a paginated series of content may take many shapes—it can be an article divided into several component pages, or a product category with items spread across several pages, or a forum thread divided into a sequence of URLs. Now, if you choose to include rel=”next” and rel=”prev” markup on the component pages within a series, you’re giving Google a strong hint that you’d like us to: 1. Consolidate indexing properties, such as links, from the component pages/URLs to the series as a whole (i.e., links should not remain dispersed between page-1.html, page-2.html, etc., but be grouped with the sequence). 2. Send users to the most relevant page/URL—typically the first page of the series.

New Manufacturer Page Custom File Names

With 3dcart Version 6.2, we’ve added Custom File Name capabilities to “Shop by Brand” pages. This makes it so your manufacturer pages have all the SEO capabilities of traditional category pages — and gives you one more dimension in your e-commerce arsenal.

Custom file names give you more control over your online store’s URLs. Custom file names let you make page URLs easier to read, shorter and more SEO-friendly. Your URLs should describe your pages to visitors and search engines, so it’s important to make them relevant, compelling and accurate. Your online store’s URLs will be automatically generated based on your page title, so these are often sufficient. However, if you feel the URL automatically generated for you is not up to par, use the Custom File Names feature to make it so.

3dcart SEO Tools and Features

At 3dcart we will continue to keep your online store stocked with the most up-to-date SEO tools and features. We feel confident we offer the most comprehensive list of SEO tools today, but we’re not stopping there. We’re continuing to improve our cart’s ability and you can be sure your store is always be on the cusp of what’s possible in e-commerce. Below is a list of search engine tools already available in your Online Store Manager.

Canonical URLs

Canonical URLs are one more protection against duplicate content. These canonical tags instruct search engines on which is the absolute URL that should be indexed. As mentioned previously in the Rel=”Next” and Rel=”Prev” section, duplicate content issues often occur result as a result of pagination. As explained by Google’s Webmaster Central Blog, with Canonical URLs, you won’t have to worry about duplicate content penalties resulting from multiple identical pages being indexed.

Editable Robots.txt

Being able to edit your online store’s Robots.txt give you control over how search engines access and index your online content. We automatically pre-set your Robots.txt using e-commerce SEO best practices, but we understand merchants sometimes want to alter how search engine crawlers access their stores.

Please note this is an advanced feature and, unless you are familiar with Google and Bing’s requirements, we don’t recommend altering Robots.txt.

Simple 301 Redirects

When your inventory changes, so do your URLs. To make sure your customers don’t get lost in the shuffle, we make 301 Redirects simple.

Easy Sitemap Creation and Submission to Search Engines

3dcart automatically points to your store’s sitemaps inside the Robots.txt page so search engines always know where to look. But if you want to let search engines know when you make changes to your site – whether it’s new pages, improved code, updated URLs or better content — you have that control. Using the Update Sitemap, Submit to Google and Submit to Bing functions in your store’s SEO Tools, you will have complete control of when and how search engines crawl your site.

Product Page Rich Snippets (Microdata)

Microdata allows search engines to parse rich data to label content in search results based on the information found in your product pages. That means users searching for your products will see reviews, sale prices and more right from the search listings. 3dcart automatically adds Rich Snippets so you don’t have to.

Product Open Graph Meta Tags

Open Graph Tags are to social media what Rich Snippets are to search engines: They populate rich data within social media references. That means that when you post a product URL to one of these, it will carry rich data with it. Although originally introduced as a way to promote integration between Facebook and other websites, most of the major social media sites now recognize Open Graph, including Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+.  3dcart automatically adds OG Tags to product pages.



Bryan is an online marketing manager at 3dcart where he implements marketing tactics for ecommerce retailers.


Responsive Design – What Is It?

Responsive DesignPicture this: A potential customer types in your URL in his iPad and is greeted by a jumbled layout of images and text boxes with missing buttons to click on. Do you think he’ll likely stick around to further explore your online store? It’s more probable that he’ll look for another store that appears more attractive and organized and will allow him to navigate easily.

This is often the case when your website doesn’t have a responsive design. The downside is that you might actually be losing plenty of visitors and sales.

The Beauty of Responsive Design

You’re probably well aware of the fact that more and more individuals are accessing websites through their mobile devices. These days, you’ll find a multitude of laptops, smartphones, and electronic tablets in various sizes. Hence, it can be very taxing and expensive to have to come up with a separate design and layout for each one.

With responsive design, you can skip the entire process of having to create a website that suits individual gadgets. Besides, you never know when there will be a new gadget to hit the market. How many shapes and sizes will these devices and platforms take on in the future?

Responsive design refers to the fluidity of your images, text, and overall layout to adjust to different viewing and browsing devices. It allows various web users to enjoy a great viewing experience while being able to navigate their way around without any problem.

There’s no need to keep scrolling and panning just to check out the other sections of a page. There’s no need to resize or adjust the screen resolution for every website visited. Hence, you’ll be encouraging more people to explore your store and take pleasure in the experience no matter what apparatus they’re using.

Important Elements of Responsive Design

When you’re working on a responsive design for your site, you need to pay careful attention to these important elements:

1.      Branding

Whatever orientation and width are utilized by a visitor, your site’s branding should come through loud and clear. The design must remain intact and evidently reflect what your store is all about.

2.      Layout

Designing a fluid layout for a responsive website does not just refer to the adjustment of image sizes and text boxes. It should also ensure that the site’s general arrangement of elements is basically the same, with similar white space allotted for breathing room and with important portions still on the forefront.

3.      Navigation

Often there’s a problem with navigation when your site is not designed well in a responsive manner. People who visit your e-store may not find the right buttons to click or may miss out other important tabs.

4.      Columns

Naturally, columns should also be adaptable to the size and orientation of a screen. This also takes into consideration the minimizing and maximizing of browser windows. These columns ought to be designed in such a way that they don’t overlap or are pressed too closely or too far away from one another. It’s vital to work on the scalability of columns.

5.      Call to Action

Another risky part of shifting screens and views is the location of call to action elements. A good designer of a responsive template or website should be able to make these calls to action remain in prominent areas of the screen despite varying and moving orientations and screen sizes.

Indeed responsive design can be quite tricky and complex. You really need a highly experienced, professional 3dcart designer to help you, or the help of 3dcart’s Web Design Experts . After all, this kind of web design will benefit your business for many years to come.

Joe Palko is the CMO of 3dcart. Prior to joining 3dcart in 2011, Joe was a true internet pioneer co-founding his first e-commerce website in 1994 which later sold to America's largest mail order pet supply retailer in 2007. Joe also co-founded Solid Cactus in 2001, which was later sold to the Group in 2009.


3 Important Steps to Grow Your Online Business Globally

Around the WorldThese days, because of the growing world of eCommerce and the mounting popularity of social media across nations, it seems a lot easier to grow your business globally than ever.

But of course, you shouldn’t just rush into things. It may technically be simple if done online, but are you really ready to go global? Indeed setting up an online store and marketing it internationally is not enough. This kind of expansion entails meticulous research and planning before the actual implementation.

Here are the 3 important steps you should consider and follow if you intend to expand your online business globally:

Step 1: Study the International Market Comprehensively

Naturally, if you’re planning to tap into the international market, you will need to do actual market research. It’s essential to understand other cultures and the needs of your target market in other countries.

How will they respond to your products? Is there an existing market for what you plan to offer or will you have to introduce something new and promote it extensively? These are just a few of the things you’ll have to process before embarking on this expansion.

Step 2: Make a Thorough International Business Plan

The next step is to come up with a thorough international business plan. You must carefully outline your campaign and how you want to go about it. You must consider your inventory, shipping and delivery, marketing, budget, and other vital factors involved.

Are you prepared and committed? You ought to prudently evaluate every little aspect before plunging head-on so that you don’t end up losing your business instead of growing it.

Step 3: Utilize Huge Online Marketplaces

Once you deem you’re truly ready to expand significantly across the global market, you can proceed to promoting your products in huge online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Rakuten.

With 3dcart’s offer of ChannelUnity app, you don’t need to go through all the hassle of posting pictures, details, and prices again. You don’t have to manage separate shops and orders individually in various platforms. Everything can be synced with your 3dcart online store! When you delete items, they will automatically shop showing in the other marketplaces. When you update product data, it’s also going to be modified everywhere else where you’re selling.

ChannelUnity continues to enhance their services and add up new worldwide and even domestic marketplaces that you can penetrate. This way, you can have a virtual presence in different places as if you’re actually branching out— minus the costly overhead expenses, finicky documentations and legalities, additional staff, and demanding operational processes.

For a minimal monthly fee, 3dcart merchants can grab this opportunity by simply installing the app. This way, you can spread your online business and expand your international reach across enormous marketplaces while saving time, money, and effort.

Joe Palko is the CMO of 3dcart. Prior to joining 3dcart in 2011, Joe was a true internet pioneer co-founding his first e-commerce website in 1994 which later sold to America's largest mail order pet supply retailer in 2007. Joe also co-founded Solid Cactus in 2001, which was later sold to the Group in 2009.


Making Your E-Commerce Products Google-Friendly

Making Your Online Store Inventory Search Engine Friendly

We don’t have to tell you what Google means to online merchants, but here’s a quick summary:

  • Google performs 100 billion searches per month, many of which are related to ecommerce topics.
  • It takes Google search bots mere microseconds to decide what product pages they will lay out for searchers.
  • Google crawls 20 billion websites per day in search of the best results for an infinite string of search queries, many of which — again — are related to online products.

And although most working parts of Google’s algorithm are a mystery to you and me and anyone outside the deepest, darkest basements of the Googleplex, you do have some control over what Google sees when it crawls your store’s pages. Even if you’re not an SEO expert you can present your site in a more palatable dish for Google’s creepy little spiders to digest.

It all starts with a good infrastructure. Below, we’ve compiled a chore list of housekeeping items that can make your site more appealing to Google and other search engines (ahem, Bing).

Optimizing Your Store’s Categories

It is essential that you categorize your products with your customers in mind. Not only does a well-laid-out category structure help your customers navigate your store, it also allows for layers of keywords and product mentions that feed Google spiders.

It is important that your categories walk the line between too general and too detailed. For examples of how best to do this, look at Google’s Product Listing taxonomy or browse Amazon’s categorization.

Put Those Product Numbers to Work

If your products have UPC codes, by all means, use them! Every product’s has one or more MFGID, MPN, SKU, GTIN, UPC and  product number. Make sure all available codes are listed on product pages. Be thorough. You’d be surprised  how many people search these. And Google prides itself in returning results based on user need, so give the people and its search engine what it wants.

Use the 3dcart-provided “ID/SKU” and “MFG ID” fields, but don’t be afraid to use “extra fields” to put in additional product information.

Make the Most of Your Product Descriptions

These should always be written a by you. Do not reuse content from your manufacturer’s or distributors. To get your content up fast upon opening, use manufacturer’s description but be sure to paraphrase and add as much of your own personal knowledge/research on the product as you can to differentiate it from the many manufacturers who are also using manufacturer descriptions.

Original content is key as Google loves to find uniquely useful pages that are different from the hordes of online content available already. When writing original content, we suggest you write your most popular products’ descriptions first, and go from there.

Take Control of Your Meta Tags

If you don’t add meta tags, they will be added for you. The product title is assigned as the title tag by the 3dcart system so no page goes without a title, which is an SEO no-no. Meta descriptions — unless assigned manually — are skimmed by Google in search results using indexed text found on the page. These should only be temporary solutions. Take control of your title and meta tags and write unique, thoughtful text for each one.

Title tags are key to telling Google what each page is about. And even though meta descriptions carry no SEO weight, they still present searchers with an introduction to your page. Think of your meta descriptions as your store’s welcome banner; the sign outside your virtual door. When you show up on search results, your competing for users’ attention with 9 other search results as well as paid ads. Write clear, concise and interesting meta tags that appeal to users searching for your products.

Visit 3dcart’s SEM Services hub for more information about search marketing best practices.

Bryan is an online marketing manager at 3dcart where he implements marketing tactics for ecommerce retailers.


Why Proper Item Categorization Matters…

Bryan Falla from 3dcart’s Marketing Team explains why it is impossible to overstate the importance of proper categorization in e-commerce. You may have the greatest widget on the market today, but if customers search your site they can’t find widgets in a way that makes sense to them, or if they run a Google search on widgets and your company isn’t in the first few SERPS rankings (Search Engine Results Pages), no one may ever know.

Simply put by ZOG Digital’s Jason Squardo, “The better the content and site organization, the longer users will want to spend on a site.” Time spent is quantitative metric which allows you to know how long a consumer is on your site. Of course, you want customers to stay on your page as long as possible, and click lots of links, but that is often easier said than done.

Stumbleupon V.P., David Marks, puts it this way, “Whether your business will want to increase or decrease time spent, knowing what your site’s actual time spent metrics are is half the battle.” According to one 2012 study, users are spending 27 less seconds per website, but are spending $0.43 more for their time.

If a consumer cannot locate what they want from your webpage within 8 seconds, you will lose them. If your taxonomy is lacking, your SEO hierarchy will fail to put your firm at the head of SERPS rankings, and your products and services will be lost in the weeds on Google.

3dcart wants to make sure you drive the highest SERPS rankings, and then make the most of each customer’s time on your site, so we’ve created the above tutorial to walk you through the basics of proper product categorization.

The first step is to decide on your main topic or brand identity. That will become your umbrella category, under which all other categories, sub-categories, and products fall.  Pretend you’re the customer and ask yourself “Do I care about this? Should I care about this?” And “What’s the quality of the content?”

Use Google’s Taxonomy list as a guideline for ideas on how to find the best categories and sub-categories to apply to your products, creating data silos. A data or information silo in this context is simply an internal information management system that can reciprocate in operation with other related systems (cross-referencing).

A good example of taxonomy is Main Identity/Umbrella Topic> Categories> Sub-categories> Product

3dcart’s platform allows you to cross-reference products in multiple categories. This is very important! Customers are not homogenous; their brains process information differently. The way one customer enters and uses your site may be the opposite of another. Cross-referencing your products in multiple categories and sub-categories maximizes the potential for all customers to find what they’re searching for when they visit.

More information on categorization and Google taxonomy can be found here, and you can always call on us at 3dcart for all your e-commerce solutions.

Joe Palko is the CMO of 3dcart. Prior to joining 3dcart in 2011, Joe was a true internet pioneer co-founding his first e-commerce website in 1994 which later sold to America's largest mail order pet supply retailer in 2007. Joe also co-founded Solid Cactus in 2001, which was later sold to the Group in 2009.


Clothing and Sales Tax: 5 Eye-Openers to Help You Face the Music

TaxesPerhaps you never really gave much thought to clothing and sales tax as you were planning your online boutique. It’s definitely one of the not-so-fun parts of starting up your own e-business. Nonetheless, you can’t just ignore it and wait for it to fade away. That won’t ever happen.

When you talk of this particular type of tax, it’s a chaotic, complex system you’re dealing with that seems to keep changing without warning. But then again, as an online entrepreneur, you need to open your eyes to reality and face the music.

If you’d like to implement efficient tax management for your store, here are some important truths you must accept:

1.      You can only handle so much info on tax.

You don’t only have to educate yourself on the actual operations of your online store and a wide range of Internet marketing strategies, but you’ll have to deal with tax too! Do you have any idea how taxing it can be to study the different sales tax rules and regulations of 45 different states along with those outside of the US? Certainly, it’s doable. But all the time and effort you put into it may not be worthwhile.

2.      Even sales tax experts can fall behind.

There aren’t only varying clothing and sales tax details across the nation and around the world, but you’ll also have to take into consideration the incessant changes being implemented. Modifications in policies, shifting rates, confusing tax holidays, fluctuating exemptions… all these can be difficult to keep up with even if you’re a sales tax expert.

3.      Tax-exempt clothing and apparel often change.

If you’re in the clothing business, you’ll have to be wary about frequently changing product taxability. Which items are tax-exempt? At times, you’ll be surprised to find out that those which used to be exempted are no longer exempted because of adjustment in jurisdiction. Every now and then, you might come across news on different regulations which will also affect these exemptions.

4.      It’s difficult to keep up with sales tax holidays.

Are you aware of just how often sales tax holidays change too? There are various reasons that go into these breaks, such as a way to support local merchants and strengthen the business arena in a particular area. Such tax holidays may be fleeting. They can happen anywhere. Indeed they may catch you off guard if you’re not on top of it all.

5.      You need to be content-rich in product taxability too.

As an online entrepreneur, it’s essential not just to work on being content-rich in your website. You also need to ensure your wealth of knowledge when it comes to product taxability. After all, you don’t want to be running into trouble at any time.

What if you add and remove products from time to time? How will you handle taxes when your business keeps growing and expanding? Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in clothing and apparel are all affected by the 5 eye-openers described above.

Good thing if you’re using 3dcart as your shopping cart provider, there’s a way to manage taxes efficiently without losing sleep or going crazy.

Yes, we’ve partnered with Avalara to give you very best integrated tax management program, allowing you to quickly and easily calculate tax in over 10,000 taxing jurisdictions! With the wonderful fusion of 3dcart and Avalara AvaTax, you can run your business more smoothly without worrying about tax compliance.

For more information, you can visit Avalara and discover for yourself pertinent data on sales tax compliance in the clothing and apparel industry.

Joe Palko is the CMO of 3dcart. Prior to joining 3dcart in 2011, Joe was a true internet pioneer co-founding his first e-commerce website in 1994 which later sold to America's largest mail order pet supply retailer in 2007. Joe also co-founded Solid Cactus in 2001, which was later sold to the Group in 2009.


Is My Domain Name Acceptable?

Best Practices

Believe it or not, this is one of the most common questions we get asked in the 3dcart Marketing Department, and with good reason – it is a great question.  A domain name can make or break your online business.

Choosing a good name for your homebase on the web is of utmost importance because it plays a major role in boosting your online presence, establishing excellent and appropriate branding, and enabling people to easily visit. As much as possible, it’s essential that you pick a name that you can stick with for as long as your business continues to exist.

The Elements of a Good Domain Name

What makes a good domain name? Ensure that yours is an excellent one that suits your brand and niche, and will not give people a hard time typing out the URL. In this light, go through the crucial elements below that comprise a good name choice for your supposed permanent home on the web.

  • Simple and Short

Rather than aiming for a play at words or long keywords, a lot of e-marketing experts recommend going for simple and short domain names that will easily be remembered. This is helpful if some people come across your website URL or domain name in one of your guest blog or social media posts and they wish to eventually visit. It will then be easier to recall.

  • Unique But Easy

Trying to sound similar to an existing domain, especially one that’s already popular, is a definite no-no! It’s not going to help you because web users will always confuse you with another site. Moreover, you won’t be able to achieve a distinct name for yourself.

In addition, make sure that your domain name is not just easy to remember but easy to type too. It should also be easy to understand. Go for sensible rather than cutesy.

  • Brand-Appropriate

It takes hard work to make your domain name well-known and easily associated with your products and/or services if it sounds out of this world and doesn’t come close to what you’re offering. Hence, you must opt for something more brand-appropriate that will enable people to immediately remember your company and picture your remarkable items for sale.

  • Ends with Dot Com

Let’s face it. Even until now, there are still many who assume that all website URLs end with dot com. That’s probably why we don’t find as many .net, .co, and .org domains around. So go with the flow and help people find you more easily with a .com extension.

  • No Hyphens and Numbers

Using hyphens and numbers can be quite confusing for potential visitors because they may end up typing the entire name without the hyphen or spelling out the number included. Besides, you can’t promote your website as easily if talking to a prospective buyer since you’ll have to explain about the symbols in the name. Chances are he won’t recall it.

  • Only One Spelling

Can your domain name be spelled in only one way? If not, then there’s a risk that a would-be visitor and potential buyer will be led to another site. Or perhaps some of them might be brought to a non-existent site and end up feeling frustrated or irritated. You might end up losing sales every single day!

These elements should all be present when checking if your domain name is good. If not, you might not be able to maximize the potential of your online business.

Reasons Why You Might Consider a Change

If you already have a registered domain and you find that the name doesn’t seem to possess the given elements above, you can consider changing it. Or maybe you’ve noticed that within the period of time you were operating your business, traffic remains slow and profits seem weak. In such case, you’ll need to conduct a thorough study to find out if your domain name has something to do with this.

Yes, it may be costly to change your domain name because you’ll have to register a new one and market it again. It will take extra effort too. Nevertheless, if other steps you’ve taken are not providing satisfactory results and your study shows that the domain name is a huge factor in the struggles of your business, then it might be worth it to go for the change.

Choosing a domain name is undoubtedly valuable in so many ways. Thus, you ought to completely examine what you have now and decide whether it needs to be changed or not.

Should you decide that you want to change your domain name, it is extremely important that you do it properly.  You can learn more about changing your domain name on our 3dcart Services Page, or by calling your account manager at 3dcart.

Joe Palko is the CMO of 3dcart. Prior to joining 3dcart in 2011, Joe was a true internet pioneer co-founding his first e-commerce website in 1994 which later sold to America's largest mail order pet supply retailer in 2007. Joe also co-founded Solid Cactus in 2001, which was later sold to the Group in 2009.


Connect Your 3dcart Store to Canada Post and Get $100 in Shipping

Canada Post and 3dcart ConnectedShipping is key to running a successful online store. Customers expect a seamless end-to-end online shopping experience and you need efficient and automated tools to fulfill orders.

Last August, we introduced newly updated Canada Post integration; enabling you to do display live shipping rates to customers, track orders and automate shipping label printing right within your store admin interface.

Today we are excited to announce that we teamed up with Canada Post to offer you $100 of shipping when you connect your store to Canada Post and enable these feature.

To take advantage of this offer to receive $100 of shipping from Canada PostTM, follow these easy steps outlined here.

Read the fine print for full rules and regulations.


Canada PostTM is a Trademark of Canada Post Corporation | Visa® is a registered Trademark of Visa

Joe Palko is the CMO of 3dcart. Prior to joining 3dcart in 2011, Joe was a true internet pioneer co-founding his first e-commerce website in 1994 which later sold to America's largest mail order pet supply retailer in 2007. Joe also co-founded Solid Cactus in 2001, which was later sold to the Group in 2009.


Back to School With 3dcart U

3dcuWe know you have many questions about how best to utilize 3dcart’s software and SEO services to build your business. That’s why we created 3dcart University. Within our many practical articles and how-to tutorials you will find realistic step-by-step instruction to take you to the top of the e-commerce class! We work tirelessly to be your partner in building your online presence, and your business.

For instance, what is a “Responsive Template?” It’s our new, customizable template which allows you to easily create a user-friendly e-commerce store front and start gaining customers and taking orders immediately. You can read about how to use them in Build your 3dcart Store With a Fully Customizable, Responsive Template.

Do you want a slice of Amazon’s e-commerce pie? As an online retailer, it would be madness no to partake of Amazon’s giant brand and marketing system.  Within the article Trust in Amazon Shopping Cart Software: Drive Traffic with Ads, you’ll find out how to get some. We understand you may not even be aware of Amazon’s order fulfillment service, and how it can save you and your business thousands of dollars by reducing both your physical inventory storage and manpower costs. In the article Trust in Amazon Shopping Cart Software: Order Fulfillment through a Recognized Brand, we explain this revolutionary service and how it will positively impact your customer service, brand, and bottom line.

The ever-increasing importance of social media, and how to best use it as another marketing platform is covered in the Top Ten Tips to Grow your 3dcart Store Via Facebook.  Facebook is always changing, shifting its algorithms to more precisely target audience subsets for your products. The value of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus to your online marketing strategy cannot be overstated.

We are always poised to bring you the latest in e-commerce trends and how best to exploit existing and emerging platforms to grow your business. So, be sure to come back to school often at 3dcart U!

Joe Palko is the CMO of 3dcart. Prior to joining 3dcart in 2011, Joe was a true internet pioneer co-founding his first e-commerce website in 1994 which later sold to America's largest mail order pet supply retailer in 2007. Joe also co-founded Solid Cactus in 2001, which was later sold to the Group in 2009.