With just a few quick steps, you can get your new order notifications sent directly to your phone. Every phone provider assigns an email address to your phone. Any mail sent to this address will be sent to your phone as if it were an SMS/Text message. To find out what address format you have, look up your carrier on the list at the end of this article.

Once you have this information, you would login to your 3dCart admin panel and go to Settings>General>Store Settings. Here you will scroll down to the  "Send order alert to email address"". Since you can have multiple email addresses in this field, simply add a comma (,) to the end of the last email, and insert your cellphone's email address that you found earlier

VOILA! Now you will receive a text message every time you get an order.

iPhone Users:

The variation that I utilize for new orders is to setup a yahoo account, that will only be used for my new orders. Since Yahoo mail offers push for the iPhone, free of charge, I can see how many orders I have by looking at my mail icon and seeing the # that is attached to it. This saves me from getting a text message popup every time i get an order, but I still have an instant count of orders.

[10-digit phone number]@message.alltel.com
Example: 2125551212@message.alltel.com

AT&T (formerly Cingular)
[10-digit phone number]@txt.att.net
Example: 2125551212@txt.att.net

Boost Mobile
[10-digit phone number]@myboostmobile.com
Example: 2125551212@myboostmobile.com

Nextel (now part of Sprint Nextel)
[10-digit telephone number]@messaging.nextel.com
Example: 7035551234@messaging.nextel.com

Sprint PCS (now Sprint Nextel)
[10-digit phone number]@messaging.sprintpcs.com
Example: 2125551234@messaging.sprintpcs.com

[10-digit phone number]@tmomail.net
Example: 4251234567@tmomail.net

[10-digit phone number]@vtext.com
Example: 5552223333@vtext.com

Virgin Mobile USA
[10-digit phone number]@vmobl.com
Example: 5551234567@vmobl.com