Your website design plays a critical role in securing sales and forging lasting customer relationships. Shoppers love beautiful web designs, which help increase the perceived value of your products and instill trust and buying confidence in customers, too.

Whether you’re looking to outperform your competitors or find a foothold in your industry, your success hinges on the attractiveness of your website. Today’s demanding customers expect a stunning and immersive website experience, regardless of device or resolution, and aren’t afraid to take their business elsewhere when a site fails to meet their expectations.

To help 3dcart businesses grow their brand and business, 3dcart is excited to announce a special, limited-time offer: The Essential Design Package.

The package, includes everything you need to transform your website from ordinary to extraordinary, including:

Responsive Design

ResponsiveDesign1Billions of people shop online, but not everyone accesses the internet using the same method. With the rapid rise of smartphone and tablet usage, responsive designs have evolved into an absolute necessity for eCommerce businesses, playing a critical role in the success of large and small brands alike. Cater to the needs and trends of today’s shoppers by ensuring your website utilizes a mobile-friendly responsive design.

Frame Design

ResponsiveDesign2Your website’s frame design determines your store’s overall look and style, and is the single most important component of website design. An attractive, customized frame plays a key role in successful online retailing. A beautiful frame design not only visually illustrates your business’s professionalism and trustworthiness, but serves to increase the perceived value of your products.

 Home Page Design

ResponsiveDesign3The home page is the entry-point of your website and serves to mesmerize, coerce, and capture your visitor’s attention. In the world of eCommerce, you have less than 7 seconds to create a strong first impression, and in order to do that, the design and layout of your homepage needs to be nothing short of stunning. Pull in more customers and improve conversions with an exquisite home page design.

Dropdown Menu

ResponsiveDesign4Easy, clean website navigation is one of the best ways to ensure visitors have a positive shopping experience when visiting your store. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by using a dropdown menu, which allows visitors to quickly navigate throughout your website and easily find what they’re looking for. A dropdown menu is a proven means to improving user experience and increasing the likelihood of repeat traffic.

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