There was a time, not long ago, when viewing video on the internet was a complicated process. You had to have the video in a proper format, the person viewing it was required to have a specific program installed, and then there was the bandwidth issue. Most users were on dial-up or slow broadband connections and the end result would be a user that gave up on downloading the video long before it was downloaded and able to be viewed.

Times change, bandwidth increases, and technology advances. In today's youtube  world, everyone has instant access to high quality video.

You can harness this power for your online store and start converting more sales than ever before by including product videos in your store. But that's only the beginning, you can include video in:

  1. Category Pages - Adding a video to the category header is a great way to showcase new products, featured products, or show your product in  use.
  2. Product Pages - By providing a video review of your product, you not only give your customers a great review of the product, but it adds that level of personal interaction that is often vacant from online store. provides product review videos on some of their products and you can see how they help their products come alive here:
  3. Customer Reviews - Your customers can be a great source of content and by using video of your products AND your customers using them, you'll really bring in a sense of community.

These are just some of the things you can do with video and an online store. The absolute best place you should use video, is your product listings. Don't be discouraged at having little or no experience with a camera. I'll show you a few ways you can get started.


First thing you'll want to do is get yourself a video camera. If you've got an old camcorder lying around, you'll find it frustrating to connect it to your computer and digitize. We need a quick, high quality, digital camera here so you may want to dig out your digital camera and check the quality of the video. My recommendation is to pick up a new camera that will fit all of your needs and offer great video, quick upload, and little to no editing required. The Flip Ultra Camcorder will allow you to take video and connect it via USB to your computer and easily download the view. Prices start at about 110.00 and can be found on Amazon.

Create Youtube Account

Sure, you could upl0ad your videos to your 3dCart account, and then deal with getting the code to display it correctly or you could just upload them to youtube and have them pay for your bandwidth. The best part about this is, not only will you have free video hosting, but you'll get search hits from youtube as well. Double the Google Juice, for free!

Create your video

Learn by watching. Look at some product reviews on Youtube and see how others have done it. Keep it under 4 minutes in length and remember that this is your opportunity to sell to your customer. Show everything you can about the product, show all side of it, show it in use if you can.


Youtube has a great feature where it will give you the code to embed it in your page. in Version 3.2 of 3dCart, we'll giv eyou the ability to do this directly from the admin panel!

Be sure to drop me a line at and let me see what videos you've uploaded to your store.