At 3dcart, we feel that we have the best, well-rounded, and full-featured ecommerce shopping cart offering available anywhere.  With so many features contained under one roof however, it’s no surprise that our merchants are sometimes unaware or otherwise unfamiliar with many of the tools available to them.

It is with this thought in mind that we introduce our new “Feature Spotlight blog series.  Each week we will showcase and describe one of the many features contained in your 3dcart powered shopping cart.  So without further ado, we introduce our inaugural posting for this week’s Feature Spotlight – Email Marketing!

What is Email Marketing?

Simply put, email marketing is a way to reach your existing and prospective customers in order to entice them into clicking through to your store.  A typical email marketing campaign can take the form of a simple greeting introducing customers to your store and products; to a full-blown, HTML rich, email that advertises all of your special sales and promotions.

You mean Spam, don’t you?

Not at all! Spam is generally characterized as unsolicited nuisance messages that are sent out to random recipients without rhyme or reason.  To put it bluntly, spam is nothing more than a desperate attempt to generate sales, by blanketing a wide audience which really isn’t interested in your services or products.  More often than not, spam messages are sent to non-existent addresses and generate no leads whatsoever.

A proper email marketing campaign is targeted to either your existing customers or to prospective customers who sign up for your newsletter subscription; an audience that is actually interested in your products, and willing to purchase from you.  In many cases, merchants are able to reach over 70% of their targeted audience with a properly managed mailing campaign.

Email marketing is intended to not only generate an increase in visits to your site, but also increase your overall sales from your store.  Spam merely exists to annoy and disturb.

Sounds interesting…  How do I sign up for Email Marketing?

With many shopping cart providers out there, email marketing is normally treated as an “a la carte” selection which must be purchased separately.  In many cases, the email marketing services offered are from paid 3rd party providers like MailChimp and Constant Contact which have to be configured for your particular domain.

With 3dcart however, the email marketing features are built right in and are already part of your monthly subscription costs.  Every 3dcart user has the ability to launch an email marketing campaign without incurring any additional costs.

That’s right.  With your 3dcart account, you already have access to the following:

  • Mailing List Management
  • Subscription Groups
  • Newsletter Builder with pre-built templates
  • Email Campaign Tracking.

So, what’s so special about 3dcart’s Email marketing?

Well, with 3dcart’s email marketing service you have the ability to create HTML rich emails using our built-in WYSIWYG editor.  Furthermore, since the service is built right into your store, you can easily link your store’s products directly into your email messages using the Mailing Wizard interface.

It doesn’t just end there however.  With 3dcart’s email marketing services, each campaign is generated with a unique newsletter ID that is used to track and report your campaign’s progress.  Use this to see not only how many emails were sent, but also how many were opened and viewed as well as the order amounts that were generated by each campaign!

You can even dynamically generate mailing lists based on your store’s order history.  For example, use a SmartList that takes all of your orders over a specific period of time, for a specific order amount, and generate a mailing campaign for an extremely localized group of your customers.

Here are just some of the functions available to you

  • Front-end Subscribe/Unsubscribe box.
  • Back-end Subscriber management.
  • Mailing Wizard automatically populates products into Newsletter.
  • Dynamically select Mailing List Groups, Customer Groups or SmartLists.
  • Reports with sales generated from email campaign.


So as you can see, email marketing can be a rather effective marketing tool for your ecommerce store.  Best of all, 3dcart makes it easy for you to generate your campaigns, reach out to existing and new customers, and track all of the sales generated by your email newsletters.  All from the same 3dcart online store manager interface you’re already familiar and comfortable with!

About the Autor:
Henry Suarez is 3dcart's Product Manager and has extensive experience in the area of technical support and training, as well as a background in quality assurance and testing. Tune in weekly to hear Henry as he conducts the Build, Promote and Grow You Online Business with 3dcart webinar at