Internet Retailer today named Old Time Candy to its “Hot 100 E-Retailers of 2012” list, an annual collection of retailers who have broken new ground in the past year in ways that other retailers can learn from. Old Time Candy's online store, dedicated to selling retro candies like Wax Lips, Ice Cube Chocolates and more, is built on 3dcart ecommerce software.

“Old Time Candy Co. turned an old, clunky site into a sleek, rich entertainment,” Internet Retailer wrote about the online candy store. “Old Time Candy enables shoppers to personalize the tops of candy boxes with their custom messages and images. And, recognizing that this is a perfect gift, the e-retailer offers an unusual service: a staff member will handwrite a gift card, adding a truly personal touch.”

“We knew Old Time Candy required a much more dynamic platform, so we made the switch to 3dcart in 2010,” said Don Bridge, co-owner of Old Time Candy. “Since then, we've had a much easier time managing our business on the backend while giving our customers a unique, well-designed experience on the front end.”

Since switching to 3dcart, Bridge cites the ability to control and automate the shopping experience, from ordering to shipping, as a huge time saver for the organization. As a result, Old Time Candy has more time to focus on outstanding customer service—a feature of the store that Bridge and his staff see as a huge priority and a big differentiator from competing stores.

“We're always impressed when we see customers using our software to drive a unique online shopping experience, but Old Time Candy is one of our favorites,” said 3dcart CEO Gonzalo Gil. “One of the strengths of our software is customizability, and many of our customers take advantage of that, pushing out great examples of successful online stores.”

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