We're so excited to announce that 3dcart store LukieGames.com sales jumped 27% with  help from 3dcart and SearchSpring:

"3dcart’s forums were open, and that was the kind of honesty, transparency and customer appreciation we were looking for."

In 2009, Jessie Cover and his wife Sara turned a lifelong passion for video games and a hobby business selling games on sites like Ebay and Amazon into a company that would eventually reach $5 million in 2011 projected sales.

The secret to their success? Lukie Games is powered by 3dcart ecommerce software and SearchSpring faceted site search, a partnership that helped Jesse and Sara save big on per-sale fees and boosted sales 27 percent in August 2011. SearchSpring, a faceted navigation service, logged a 434 percent total ROI for the month.

Lukie Games sells more than 45,000 new and used video games, systems and equipment monthly online for brands like NES, SNES, N64, Sega, Playstation and Gameboy to a customer base of more than 250,000 shoppers. Prior to starting their own online store with 3DCart, the couple incurred $28-38,000 in monthly fees through other online stores.
Part of what drove Lukie Games to sign up with 3dcart was the software company’s visibility in contrast to competing software suites.

“At that time, Volusion had a tight grip on their customer forum, so we couldn’t access it. Actively trying to hide potentially negative feedback was a huge red flag for us. In contrast, 3dcart’s forums were open, and that was the kind of honesty, transparency and customer appreciation we were looking for.”

The web offered a lot of buzz about both products, but Volusion received another blow in LukieGame’s decision process as a result of site downtime. “Customers raved that 3DCart was one of the most stable platforms out there, and other online store owners criticized Volusion’s uptime—with some customers going as far as to complain of once-a-week downtime. In our eyes, that was simply unacceptable for an ecommerce company.”
Lukie Games eventually launched on 3dcart, and Jesse found that built-in features were a huge part of the software’s appeal.

  • Built-in SEO – “We automatically popped up in the top ten search results.”
  • Customizability – “From tweaking SEO to implementing layout changes, the software doesn’t lock you out the way competitors tend to do.”
  • Autoresponders – “The ability to have ‘order received’ and other automated emails controlled by the system is a great time-saver.”
  • Wish Lists & Waiting Lists – “The “wish list” and “waiting list” features, coupled with the autoresponders, simplify the process for customers waiting on back-ordered items.”
  • Rewards Program – “It offers us the kind of repeat business we might get with a 15%-off coupon.”
  • Shipping Integration – “Between domestic and international shipping, we can run organized shipping campaigns through each unique service provider.”

In the end, Jesse considers 3dcart and SearchSpring extensions of the Lukie Games team. “We chat with a lot of fellow business owners, and we’re constantly recommending the services,” Jesse said. “You simply don’t find businesses that care this much about their customers every day.”
To read the full case study, visit https://www.3dcart.com/ecommerce-case-studies.html.