Web page titles are the words that are displayed at the top of the window for each web page that is opened. Usually people do not pay too much attention to the title of a web page unless it is minimized. The title is how people tell which web page they want to return to before they maximize the window.

That is not the only reason for titles, however. Web page titles are also used in web search engines. They are often what is displayed in a search result for a particular key word. The web page title is usually the bolded term that is clicked on to bring up that particular web page. Titles usually are named according to the subject of the site. Sometimes the name of the site is used, but other times the titles usually just list what the page is about.


Why is the page title important?

As can be imagined, the web page titles can be quite important. This is due to the fact that a lot of web traffic is dependent on the web page title. People usually choose clear, short, and relevant titles to the keyword that they are searching for. Web page titles that are confusing or that look nothing like the chosen keyword are much less likely to be clicked on. This means that that site is receiving much less visitors that a site with better web page titles.


Creating web page titles

It is easy to come up with relevant, short titles. The first thing to do is create the page. It is hard to name a page that does not exist. Once the content is created then the next step is to create the title. The title should reflect what that particular page is about. A page about how to clean a pool could be titled, “Easy pool cleaning.” The idea is to use as many keywords as possible to get the site higher up in the search engine rankings. The actual content of the site has a lot to do with the rankings, but a good title helps as well.

One of the best things to do when creating titles is to eliminate filler words. Anything that is not directly related to the content of the page should be eliminated. A title like “A discussion on the quality of different hotel chains,” could be shortened to “Hotel chain quality review” or something similar. The least amount of filler words possible should be the goal of any title. The web site name can be included in the title sometimes, but only if it flows well with the rest of the title.

These tips should help with the creation of web page titles. It is important to never underestimate the power of small things to make a big difference in the ratings of a web page. A good title combined with good content should be well on the way to topping the charts of any search engine.


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