Do you own an ecommerce website and struggle to find an expert and economical shipping service for it? USPS (United States Postal Service) offers a flat rate shipping service that may be a perfect match to fulfill your business requirements, potentially helping you reduce shipping costs and improve your customers' shopping experiences.

Do you have questions about USPS and the services they are offering? Read on to know all about USPS Flat Rate Shipping and why you should use it for your ecommerce business.


Why You Need a Dedicated Shipping Service

Shipping is undoubtedly a huge hurdle that e-commerce business owners have to find ways to jump over frequently. To enhance a customer's shopping experience, online stores should take care of shipping costs and logistic expenses. However, this part is not as simple as it seems. To ship orders placed on your website, you might also need to buy packing materials, pay labor to pick as well as a pack each order and deliver it to its destination safely within the limited time period.

If you want to stay in the ecommerce business for good, then your delivery service is expected to be fast and free. The whole idea behind ecommerce shopping is the ease and convenience of the shopper. The customer can place orders sitting at home, get free shipping along with it and get the order delivered to their doorsteps as quickly as possible. Doing all of this can be painful and costly in the end.

This is where expert shipping service corporations come into play. Because these service providers have dedicated resources and staff to render logistics services, they can effortlessly deliver your packages quickly without damaging the products at reasonable rates. USPS is one such established service provider that has been delivering packages across the country for many years. Let’s find out what services USPS provides and what flat rate shipping means for online merchants.


What is Flat Rate Shipping?

From a business perspective, you will want to use the shipping service provider offering the best (lowest) rates on shipping to make maximum profits on products. Therefore, in logistics, cost plays a major role when deciding the shipping type.

There’s two main types of shipping when it comes to USPS: flat-rate shipping and standard rate shipping. Flat rate shipping indicates a typical shipping rate which applies to all kinds of shipping packages, irrespective of their dimensions. There is, however, a limit set in terms of weight (maximum 70 lbs).

If you’re dealing with a business that sells products of all sizes and weight, flat rate shipping will be more cost-effective and convenient in comparison to standard rate shipping.

Benefits of Flat Rate Shipping:

  • No Extra Cost: With this shipping type, your customer needs to pay no surcharge. They can focus more on purchasing the product rather than worrying about the shipping.
  • Fixed Rate: Flat Rate shipping allows the customer to get a fixed rate, which makes shipping details clearer and helps to build trust between you and your customer.
  • No Weighing: This helps to avoid weight errors, as you don't need to weigh and measure the product every time before shipping to know the delivery cost.
  • Saves Time: It saves a lot of effort and time spent on getting every product weighed and measured before shipping.


Why You Should Choose USPS Flat Rate Shipping

The quality of customer experiences on your ecommerce website often depends on the product, delivery experience and the kind of e-commerce website design services the platform has deployed. These are the pillars of every e-commerce website to help it remain in business and flourish with every passing day. With the right e-commerce website developers, you can build an online store that provides shoppers with the best buying experience.

So, you want to create the best buying experience for your customers that also works best for your business. Fortunately, USPS flat rate shipping service has been serving shippers for more than a decade now. Among hundreds of carriers available to ecommerce websites, USPS offers quite a few lucrative shipping options to its clients. Getting straight to the point, here is a list of reasons that will help you decide on whether you want to use USPS or not.

  1. Fixed Cost of Delivery: The cost you need to pay for every box is usually determined using shipping calculators. But, in these cases, the shipping cost calculated for a package may come as a surprise to the merchant and not suit what the merchant is okay paying. It is not the same with flat rate shipping. Like we’ve said previously, the cost of shipping is fixed, so there is no room for surprise while getting the items shipped. Remember; unexpected shipping costs is the biggest cause of shopping cart abandonment.
  2. No Surcharges: USPS offers to ship without adding an extra surcharge on the shipment. You don't have to pay surcharges like residential, fuel, or regular Saturday delivery for any shipment if you choose USPS. If you compare this to other carriers, such as FedEx, you’ll find that they add surcharges on shipments. Why would anyone pay extra bucks for the same shipment if one has an option not to do so?
  3. Free Packing Boxes and Envelopes: USPS gives free boxes and envelopes to its clients. You can contact them for shipment without incurring extra charges for boxes and envelopes for your items. However, for the safety of the products, you will need to pay for the cushioning material.
  4. Delivery on Priority: USPS offers a flat rate on Priority Mail, which means you’re your package will be delivered in two or three days. Also, in the Priority Mail system, fragile packets are handled with special care and caution.
  5. Law Enforcement Protection: USPS flat rate shipments are protected under U.S. federal law enforcement. This provides an added layer of protection to your packages, eliminating any chances of theft and fraud by making the shipment process reliable.
  6. More Addresses/Areas Covered: USPS delivers packages to every nook and cranny of the country, including all PO boxes and government addresses like Army or Air Force Post Office/APO, Diplomatic Post Office for U.S. embassies/DPO and Fleet Post Office for Navy/FPO. Other shipment service providers can only reach these addresses through postal services that deliver to the last mile.
  7. Ensure Secure Delivery: USPS is the only carrier that is authorized to deliver parcels in mailboxes. USPS does not leave large boxes at the customer's porch/gate; instead, it attempts to re-deliver large boxes in the case that customers aren’t home to receive it.
  8. Ease of Shipping: Shipping a box or package using the Priority Mail flat rate is quite easy. You just need to place your delivery item in the free boxes that the USPS provides. You don’t need to weigh the item as long as it is under 70 lbs in weight. Once your package is ready to be shipped, you can schedule a free package pick-up from the USPS at your office.


How Long Does Flat Rate Shipping Take?

As per USPS flat rate shipping, the expected delivery date is printed on the receipt or provided at checkout. Domestic service generally reflects a delivery turnaround time of around one to three business days. However, for international service, the delivery time frame is usually between six to ten business days.


Does USPS Flat Rate Shipping Have an Edge?

Every business wants to make enough money for its survival and, of course, its expansion. However, in the competitive market where every company is offering services to gain more and more customers, maintaining the quality of goods and services is significant. While offering free shipping to customers is has become norm, a merchant can still seek profit margins with the help of USPS flat rate shipping.

USPS provides an efficient shipping alternative for commercial and online customers, which is faster and reliable. Flat rate boxes and envelopes are great options for e-commerce businesses that would like to keep their shipping process simple, without the hassles of weighing each item and wasting time.


Weigh Your Options Well

Today, it’s more necessary than ever to give your customers the best service possible. Determine your business needs first, then research well and compare the shipping prices of all the providers until you find the ideal one for your business. Conduct background checks to find past records of carriers beforehand by reading user reviews and FAQs.

USPS flat rate boxes works best for merchants with a variety of differently-sized products, as it is easy to anticipate the shipping costs and the ease of shipping the boxes. By providing quality shipping service, you’ll see a boost in your sales and customer loyalty in the long run.