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Smooth Beats - #3 of 20 FREE Professionally Designed HTML5 Themes from 3dCart

Take a look at the preview of the newest theme “Smooth Beats” which will be the 3rd of 20 FREE professionally designed responsive themes released in the coming weeks.

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Luxury Sunglasses - #2 of 20 FREE Professionally Designed Responsive Themes from 3dCart

As mentioned in our last post, 3dCart is being responsive to our customer base. Below is a preview of the new theme "Luxury Sunglasses"which will be the 2nd of 20 FREE professionally designed HTML5 themes released in the coming weeks.


If you would like to preview the live demo of this "Luxury Sunglasses, you can do so by

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3dCart Releasing 20 New Professionally Designed Responsive Themes for FREE

Being responsive to our customer base is important to us so 3dCart is listening. One of the requests that we get on a regular basis is for new themes to choose from that are current and responsive. We are happy to announce that by the end of 2014, we will have more FREE professionally designed HTML5 themes than any other shopping cart platform on the market today.

Starting December 2014 or sooner, we will begin rolling out 20 brand new professionally designed responsive themes to enhance our[...]

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5 Important Reasons Why You Need a Responsive Online Store

Whether you're a newbie retailer on the Internet or you've been in the eCommerce arena for quite some time now, you need to seriously consider turning your online store into a responsive one--- A.S.A.P.!

These days, if you don't possess a responsive website design, you're not only going to lose numerous potential visitors and consumers. You're likely to fall behind your competition when it comes to SEO, conversions, and sales.

So what are you waiting for? Find out now why you ought to stop[...]

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5 Tips for the Perfect eCommerce Website Design

If you have an eCommerce website or are just getting started, you likely understand the value of your website. Since eCommerce is a branch of retail that is entirely online, your website is your digital storefront, your first impression with the customer. The physical state of your site will speak louder than any marketing trumpet can sound, so here are some great tips to keep things organized and efficient:

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A Major Take-Away From IRCE Chicago 2014 - Mobile Commerce Matters

The IRCE (Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition) 10th annual event, held in Chicago is the biggest of its kind. Hosting hundreds of presenters who showcased all aspects of online retail, Ecommerce and merchant solutions, IRCE 2014 has provided the visitors with a glance of state of the art products in just about every field in the industry.  There were a number of threads and themes during the convention, especially the whirlwinds of change that mobile commerce has brought into play.


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Responsive Design - What Is It?

Picture this: A potential customer types in your URL in his iPad and is greeted by a jumbled layout of images and text boxes with missing buttons to click on. Do you think he'll likely stick around to further explore your online store? It's more probable that he'll look for another store that appears more attractive and organized and will allow him to navigate easily.

This is often the case when your website doesn't have a responsive design. The downside is that you might actually be losing[...]

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How to Install & Configure 3dcart's New Responsive Templates

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Great News! 3dcart’s Free Responsive Templates Are Now Available

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8 Beautiful Ecommerce Stores Built Using 3dcart

With over 16,000 successful eCommerce stores built on 3dcart, choosing a handful of stores to highlight was no small task. There are too many beautiful 3cart stores to list them all, but we chose to showcase the below sampling of well-designed merchants because overall they are doing eCommerce design right - great navigation, beautiful product photos, compelling calls-to-action and impressive design.

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New 3dcart Upsell Banners Just In Time For Fall!

Crisp air,  warm sweaters, Starbucks' holiday flavored coffees - what's not to love about the fall! If you needed one more reason to embrace that nip in the air, 3dcart  just released new Upsell banners in the spirit of season!

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Online Stores for DUMMIES!

We know our customers aren't Dummies, but giving them a book never hurts. That's why we've partnered up with DUMMIES to offer a free copy of their latest book 'Online Stores for DUMMIES' to anyone that signs up for a new 3dcart store! The book is packed with all the steps you'll need to get you off the ground & running.

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What Is Web Accessibility?

When designing your store, you obviously should be focused on your customers' experience, but what some merchants and designers forget is that not every customer is the same. Beyond just design preferences, a portion of your potential customer-base has different abilities and needs when it comes to being able navigate and interact with the Internet. That is why designing with web accessibility in mind is so important.

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3dcart & Red Peach Designs Introduce 8 New Premium Templates

3dcart is happy to announce eight new templates in our premium template store. The The three beautiful “Stationary” templates were designed by RedPeach Designs and the five others come the design team here at 3dcart. Give them a look and tell us what you think in the comments! [gallery link="file"]

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40% Of Consumers PREFER To Use Social Logins

With the introduction of 3dcart's Facebook Connect add on, we've written about how Facebook Connect can help your online store raise conversions and explained best practices of using social logins. So when we came across this great infographic from Monetate, we knew we had to share. Not only does their research reinforce how important it is for merchants to consider Facebook Connect, they share some interesting statistics on how customers PREFER social logins.

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Facebook Connect: When, Where And How To Connect With Customers

Now that you know the advantages Facebook Connect offers your online store, we wanted to give you some tips on how to best leverage  the social feature.

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The Art of Color Coordination

Close your eyes.

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Introducing: The 3dcart Template Store

Creating design templates for 3dcart stores can help supplement a designer’s resume and bring in extra income (30 percent of every template sold).

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Color & eCommerce: What Is Your Site Saying?

When it comes to eCommerce design, every decision matters because aspect of your design impacts conversion...even the colors. Offline merchants have been using color tactics for centuries to lure customers in with advertisements or window displays so it makes sense that online merchants use color to influence the consumer too.

KISSmetrics published this interesting guide to the affect color have on eCommerce:

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How Messaging and Design Affect Conversion Rates

Zippycart's infographic shows  how design and messaging affect consumer shopping behavior aka online conversions! The infographic shares some really interesting facts and figures and the data reveals some really useful tips for merchants:

SISS- Say It Simple Stupid.

    • Make copy simple and to the point. People want to know the who/what/when/where quickly and easily. Simple copy is effective copy.

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