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Join us for 3dcart's "Leveraging Facebook Connect In Ecommerce" Webinar

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40% Of Consumers PREFER To Use Social Logins

With the introduction of 3dcart's Facebook Connect add on, we've written about how Facebook Connect can help your online store raise conversions and explained best practices of using social logins. So when we came across this great infographic from Monetate, we knew we had to share. Not only does their research reinforce how important it is for merchants to consider Facebook Connect, they share some interesting statistics on how customers PREFER social logins.

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Facebook Connect: When, Where And How To Connect With Customers

Now that you know the advantages Facebook Connect offers your online store, we wanted to give you some tips on how to best leverage  the social feature.

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3dcart Offers Facebook Connect To Merchants

Earlier this month, we talked about Facebook Connect and how it is revolutionizing the way online business leverage the power of social media. Now, 3dcart  merchants can tap into that power with 3dcart's new built-in Facebook Connect integration.

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