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Email Marketing | 3 min read

Increase Newsletter Subscription Rates By Offering An Incentive

Email Marketing | 4 min read

10 Tips For Better Holiday Email Marketing Campaigns

Below is a guest post by: By Jaime Brugueras, CEO Mineful

Email Marketing | 2 min read

Driving Conversions With Email Marketing

Email still ranks as the most effective inbound marketing channel, converting higher than both search and social.  Monetate's infographic, featured below, depicts just how much more effective email is than its inbound brethren - ranking highest in both average add-to-cart-rates per session and average conversion rates per session.

Email Marketing | 4 min read

Calls To Action: How To Create Successful Email Campaigns


Email marketing is an essential element in eCommerce marketing and but  has never been called easy. And one of the most important parts of a successful email campaign is the 'call to action' - the message that drives readers to the response you want them to complete. Writing an effective 'call to action' is part skill, part science. That's when we saw this extremely informative  infographic from the guys at, we knew wanted to share.

There was so much much useful information, we[...]

Email Marketing | 1 min read

Stop Irritating Your Subscribers

Constant Contact found that users receive three permission-based emails a day. So what makes users open some and not others? Or worse than deleting your email, what makes users mark you as spam forever sending your emails to never never land?

The answer is pretty simple: Basic email etiquette, Quality over quantity, personal over pitch, and customer-centric messaging.

Email Marketing | 2 min read

5 Questions To Ask Before You Send Your Newsletter

Lets face it customer acquisition is hard and most likely expensive. Of course new customers are important, but what your store really needs is sales - no matter the source. Reaching out to your existing customers is THE way to raising your bottom-line without upping your marketing budget. Some studies have even found that it costs 4 times as much to get a sale from a new customer as from an existing customer.

Email Marketing | 2 min read

Once, Twice, Three Times an Email

By Ross Kramer, CEO of Listrak

Email Marketing | 0 min read

Thread conversations in Outlook, just like Gmail

One of the problems with being an office worker is that you're restricted from using the software of your choice. In the office, we use Outlook. After hours, I'm devoted to using Gmail. The way it threads messages is something I've loved since I was in the initial beta round. Sadly, Outlook doesn't have a way to do this with a click of the button... But there is a way to do so!

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