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3dcart Technical Support & Customer Service: The Complete Guide

One of the most important considerations when choosing an eCommerce platform is the type of support that will be available to you. As a business owner, you're sure to have a lot on your plate, so quick access to useful help and resources can make all the difference. 3dcart maintains a robust technical support and customer service system that provides several methods for you to get the answers to your questions and report any emerging issues.

We've made support options available for all types[...]

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3dcart Shopping Cart Review recently updated our review with a fantastic video.

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The Only New Year's Resolution You Need To Make.

Its that time of year again. The time where you will encounter top 10 lists, countdown lists, and the lists of resolutions you'll need to make in the coming year. The truth is, there is no list that will help define what you should be  doing in the coming year except one.

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There's a New Sheriff in Town - Google Chrome OS

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Twitter and Facebook Launch on the Xbox 360

3dCart is looking to implement a slew of social networking features in the next release (currently scheduled for Winter 2010).  For all of you Xbox 360 owners, Facebook and Twitter will now be available on your gaming platform.

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Instant Mobile Order Notifications. iPhones and more!

 With just a few quick steps, you can get your new order notifications sent directly to your phone. Every phone provider assigns an email address to your phone. Any mail sent to this address will be sent to your phone as if it were an SMS/Text message. To find out what address format you have, look up your carrier on the list at the end of this article.

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Version 3.1.0 Released

After 6 months of testing and design, the award winning 3dCart shopping cart software is proud to release version 3.1.0, which includes fixes, performance improvements, new features, and usability enhancements.

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Forbidden Words

When writing content for your online store or product descriptions, you should take heed to the following list. The following words should never be used when writing copy for general consumption by customers. It may seem that no one cares, but when reading the words, they sound unprofessional to the average reader.

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Need a Merchant? Receive a $100 Rebate from Moneris

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3dCart is now on Youtube

We've taken all of our training videos and transfered them to Youtube.

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