Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization | 3 min read

Killer eCommerce Conversion Rates Start with Exceptional Product Photos

If you’re an online store owner who fails to showcase amazing photographs of your inventory, then you mind as well take the money out of your wallet and set it ablaze.

If you want to thrive in the eCommerce Ocean, then I highly suggest you get behind the following tips for product photo optimization. Choose to ignore them and do so at your own peril.

Conversion Optimization | 5 min read

An Online Store Owner’s Guide to Window Shopping

Conversion Optimization | 2 min read

The Night Before Christmas (An Ecommerce Parody by 3dcart)

Conversion Optimization | 3 min read

Top-Five Ecommerce Tips for Moving Old Merchandise

Conversion Optimization | 2 min read

Guest Blog: Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment With These Three Tips

Conversion Optimization | 3 min read

Five Ecommerce Tips for Curing the Summertime-Sales Blues

For many of us, summertime is filled with sun-soaked days spent away from our computers. And while online consumers are reaching for golf clubs and tanning lotion instead of keyboards, e-store owners are experiencing a sharp dip in sales.

Conversion Optimization | 1 min read

3 Must-Know Shopping Cart Abandonment Facts

There's is much to be said about cart abandonment .. and we have! We recently wrote about some interesting facts and figures here, and also in our 3dcart university, as well as posted an interesting infographic here . While there is much to be said, there are 3 facts that every merchant must know to understand cart abandonment. FACT: Price is crucial.

Conversion Optimization | 2 min read

How Messaging and Design Affect Conversion Rates

Zippycart's infographic shows  how design and messaging affect consumer shopping behavior aka online conversions! The infographic shares some really interesting facts and figures and the data reveals some really useful tips for merchants:

SISS- Say It Simple Stupid.

    • Make copy simple and to the point. People want to know the who/what/when/where quickly and easily. Simple copy is effective copy.

Conversion Optimization | 1 min read

Knowledge Is Power: Battling Abandoned Carts

'Abandoned Cart'  - the words are enough to send chills down a merchant's spine.

Conversion Optimization | 1 min read

How Does Loading Time Affect Your Online Store? #Infographic

Loading time is an important part of any website’s user experience, but it is vital in eCommerce. Sometimes we can get caught in the aesthetics of a site and end up sacrificing speed. Unfortunately slow loading time, not bad design, is a leading cause of site abandonment. Check out KissMetric's infographic below to learn more about the affects of a slow site. Then use our 3 tips to help better your load time and your conversion!

Conversion Optimization | 0 min read

Shopping Cart Abandonment Infographic

Conversion Optimization | 2 min read

Holiday PPC Tip: Using Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Holiday PCC is beyond competitive. CPCs rise as more players enter the game and regular competitors bump up their budgets.

Conversion Optimization | 4 min read

6 Reasons to Offer Products Auto-Delivery

Haven’t looked into the benefits of setting up Autoship yet? If you’re trying to build a larger customer base and make more money, Autoship is a great way to streamline your revenue and create a more efficient business process. 

Conversion Optimization | 1 min read

5 Ways to Turn Window Shoppers into Buyers


This holiday season, each and every visitor to your online store is a crucial opportunity for revenue. With the economy in its current situation and many of Americans dealing with unemployment or other financial burdens, you'll have to make sure that you do everything you can to convert window shoppers  into buyers. Here are 5 things that you can do to your online store that should have a direct impact:

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