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Barber Responsive Theme - #5 of 20 FREE Professionally Designed Themes from 3dCart

Here is the preview of the newest theme “Barber” which will be the 5th of 20 FREE professionally designed responsive themes released in the coming weeks.

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Just Swell Jewelry - #4 of 20 FREE Professionally Designed Themes from 3dCart

Here is the preview of the newest theme “Just Swell Jewelry” which will be the 4th of 20 FREE professionally designed responsive themes released in the coming weeks.

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Smooth Beats - #3 of 20 FREE Professionally Designed HTML5 Themes from 3dCart

Take a look at the preview of the newest theme “Smooth Beats” which will be the 3rd of 20 FREE professionally designed responsive themes released in the coming weeks.

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Cyber Monday Markdowns the Black Friday Blowout Sale EXTENDED!

We decided to keep the sale going for Cyber Monday so you can take advantage of these great deals. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be a part of the eCommerce boom, you've already taken the first step by joining the 3dCart family. Now we’re going to sweeten the pot just a bit with a few Cyber Monday Markdown Specials just for you.

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3dCart Releasing 20 New Professionally Designed Responsive Themes for FREE

Being responsive to our customer base is important to us so 3dCart is listening. One of the requests that we get on a regular basis is for new themes to choose from that are current and responsive. We are happy to announce that by the end of 2014, we will have more FREE professionally designed HTML5 themes than any other shopping cart platform on the market today.

Starting December 2014 or sooner, we will begin rolling out 20 brand new professionally designed responsive themes to enhance our[...]

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3dCart Named One of the Top 50 Florida Companies to Watch

Launched in 1997, 3dCart, located in Tamarac, FL was recently named on the Florida's "Companies to Watch" list, developed by the Edward Lowe Foundation as a unique way to recognize and honor second-stage companies that demonstrate high performance in the marketplace with innovative strategies and processes, making them “worth watching”. In order to determine the top 50 companies to be recognized, judges from the University of Central Florida, Economic development organizations throughout the[...]

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New Merchants Must Balance Form with Function

Starting a new online store is a very exciting and hectic time for Merchants. Whether you are an eCommerce veteran or starting your very first website, 3dcart offers a platform that is robust and flexible.

3dcart’s Technical Support Team often speaks with new customers who are excited about the many features available to them, but may be struggling to quickly prepare their site to go live. Certainly new Merchants have quite a bit to do, and one of the most crucial decisions they face is[...]

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Happy Halloween!

It goes by several names - All Hallows' Eve, Witches Night, Samhaim, Summer’s End - but we like to call it Halloween.

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Why Every 3dcart Merchant Needs a Private SSL Certificate

A lot of neophyte merchants get so caught up in the whirlwind process of designing a website, preparing product photos and descriptions, and marketing the business that they tend to overlook the grave importance of IT security. Just because you're not putting up a brick and mortar shop doesn't mean you don't need security measures to protect not just your business but your customers too.

Ecommerce experts will tell you one thing about this matter--- online store security begins with a SSL[...]

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New In the App Store: Global Nimbus Translation

Did you ever want to expand into international markets?  Now's your chance.  Our new App Store partner Global Nimbus can help you operate internationally, and you'll never break a sweat.

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6 Ways to Build Your Subscribers on YouTube

Nobody can contest the ever-growing popularity of YouTube. It is not just the most popular video-sharing site by a landslide, but the second most visited website in the world (only behind Google, which owns it). Viral recordings, music videos, movie trailers, short documentaries, and clips of cute animals represent only a portion of the billions of hours of content on the site.

YouTube is the place to be for many web users, especially after the implementation of a system for monetizing[...]

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Making Customer's Happy - It's What We Do

Chris Hellebuyck | Gamersoption.com

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Merchant Spotlight: Pure Crafted Beds

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The Naked Truth About Clothing and Sales Tax

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Viral Marketing: 5 Video Ideas You Can Use for Ecommerce

Ask 80's parody powerhouse Weird Al Yankovic about the power of viral marketing.  Weird Al is back with a new album, and to launch his new album, he created a viral marketing campaign featuring 8 videos in 8 days.  Word Crimes, a parody of Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines, received over 9 million views on You Tube in approximately one week.  Weird Al's new album is poised to potentially debut in the Number 1 position on Billboard's 200 Chart this Wednesday, July 23.  So you may be asking, what[...]

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Are You Into Automotive? Try 3dcart's eBay Motors Integration

3dcart’s integration with EBay Motors can create benefits and advantages for retail automotive clients. Whether it is for cars, trucks, motorcycles, parts, accessories, or other auto-related items, EBay Motors usually is a place where consumers browse, compare prices with other merchants, and most of all –shop.  Hard to find, specialty items, accessories and custom parts and products in the realm of vehicles are usually listed on EBay.  For these reasons, in a move projected to bring higher[...]

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Exciting and New Articles at 3dcart University

We’re excited about the changes we’re making at 3dcart University!

In our continuing effort to make your e-commerce experience as exciting and fun for you as it is for us, our new articles focus on details—on the specifics of how you have to think about your online store to be successful. When you have the momentum of a big-picture vision, you don’t want the little things to trip you up.

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A Big Hello to Windy City Parrot

One thing is for certain at 3dcart, we love our customers!  Sometimes we get lucky enough to meet our clients, and we hope that someday we get to meet everyone.  Mike Morgan or Director of Customer Success finally had his life long dream come true at IRCE last month.  He finally got to meet Mitch from Windy City Parrot.  Can you see the excitement on Mike's face!  Sometimes dreams do come true!

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Happy Canada Day!

3dcart wishes each and every one of our Canadian friends a very happy Canada Day!  We wish the very best to our over 1000 Canadian merchants such as Robert King at heavyweights.ca and Jamie and Patrick at shopmasc.com to Canada Post and First Data Canada.  Happy Canada Day!

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The Big Reveal: eBay Module and 6.3 Version Release

Today, we officially announce the release of 3dcart's 6.3 version with new features and upgrades for our merchants who wish to integrate his or her store with eBay and specifically the integration of UK's Royal Mail and Parcel Force. This is the 3rd version release for 2014. The 2 previous releases included, HTML5 Responsive Themes in beta, Amazon Product Ads automated feed, payments with Checkout By Amazon for US, UK and DE merchants, and multiple SEO built-in features like the rel="next"[...]

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