The eCommerce landscape is changing, not just in terms of how and where customers are purchasing products, but how they receive those products, too.

Fast, reliable delivery, more than ever before, is critical to the long-term success of online businesses. Cutting-edge technology has become the backbone of order fulfillment, allowing merchants to more easily meet the growing expectations of today's demanding shoppers. By expanding operations to include multiple fulfillment centers, businesses can reach customers with unmatched speed, ensuring a great shopping experience all the way to delivery.

But while multiple distribution centers throughout a region or country can help businesses improve customer satisfaction and even save on transportation costs, it'd be a lie to say the fulfillment model doesn't present its own complexities and challenges.

Efficient order management is key to running a successful business, and with multiple distribution centers, managing incoming orders can be tricky without the right tools. How do you ensure orders are shipped from the correct distributor, not only so that your customers receive their order as quickly as possible, but to keep your shipping fees down, too?

3dcart's Multiple Distributors app is the simple solution, allowing businesses to save time, money, and improve the overall efficiency of their fulfillment operations. Using Multiple Distributors, merchants can specify which regions a distributor will ship to, with orders assigned a distributor based on the shipping destination's proximity to the distributor.

Key features of Multiple Distributor include:

  • Set up your product's multiple distribution centers – including which areas each distributor will ship to. (EXAMPLE: Distributor A will handle West Coast destinations while Distributor B will handle East Coast)
  • Your clients place the order on your 3dcart store
  • Order will be shipped using the applicable distributor

To start saving money and boosting customer satisfaction with Multiple Distributor app, visit the 3dcart App Store.


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