One of the most highly-anticipated new features upcoming in 3dcart Version 8 is the Core Templating Engine, a revolutionary new foundation for 3dcart themes. Theme design has been overhauled to be both more flexible from a design standpoint and technically superior, offering vast improvements for developers and users whether behind the scenes or otherwise.

The Core Theme Framework

Put simply, the Core Templating Engine works like a set of building blocks for theme development, allowing themes to be built in a modular fashion and expanding the design possibilities at a theme developer's fingertips. It's engineered to be as unrestrictive and customizable as possible, allowing designers to really flex their capabilities. Plus, it's built with technical considerations in mind that will benefit visitors to the site in a number of ways.


Themes built with the Core Theme Framework will load at blazing fast speeds, getting shoppers right into the action without delay. Not only is page load speed important for user experience on a website, it also affects Google rankings and can be the deciding factor in whether a customer decides to shop on your site or go elsewhere. This lightning-fast load time has been accomplished through loading CSS and JavaScript at the end of the page rather than at the beginning. Other improvements include:

  • AJAX has also been implemented into several areas, allowing parts of the site to update smoothly in the background with no need to reload the page.
  • We've used the Bootstrap framework as the foundation for the Core Templating Engine to help streamline development of responsive theme design. Additionally, other features sought after by designers have been implemented, including more functionality for dropdown menu icons.
  • Several aspects of site layout have been improved with the goal of maximizing conversions through enhancing the customer experience, including product pages, checkout, View Cart, and more. The Product Grid has also been overhauled for mobile-friendliness.


Behind the Scenes

The Core Templating Engine works for designers through allowing them a modular approach to theme development, meant to enable maximum creativity. In a nutshell, this is done through Code Blocks and Variables, which work together to enable different sections and design elements on a website. With the redesigned engine, Code Blocks formerly reserved for the site's Frame can now be used elsewhere, opening up new design possibilities and avenues for customization. 

We're very excited about our new approach to theme development and we look forward to the technical improvements offered by the Core Templating Engine, both for designers and 3dcart shoppers everywhere!


For more information about the features of the Core Templating Engine, check out our Version 8 sneak peek below.


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