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Shoppers who search convert 2x – 3x higher than users who browse. Its consistent across the ecommerce industry.  So, while only 20% of your users may use search, they can contribute nearly half of your site's revenue!

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Faceted Navigation Converts Higher

Below is a guest post by Dewey Halden, the Director of Sales at SearchSpring.

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Main Street Fairness—What Does It Mean To Me?

Below is a guest post byt Susan McLain, marketing manager at

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How to Increase Conversions with Site Search

Below is a guest post by Dewey Halden, the Director of Sales at SearchSpring.

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How Wishlists Can Help Increasing Visitors to Your Website

Wish list offer retailers so many different ways of leading to a sale. Wish lists make it possible for people to come back to your site and find the products they want while also sending traffic through their friends and family who they share[...]

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6 Reasons to Offer Products Auto-Delivery

Haven’t looked into the benefits of setting up Autoship yet? If you’re trying to build a larger customer base and make more money, Autoship is a great way to streamline your revenue and create a more efficient business process. 

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Recommendations 4 All Retailers

Get the Tools the Big Dogs Use

What makes Amazon an astounding $19,000 per minute? Is it advertising? Email marketing? Search? Nope. Automated personalized product recommendations are responsible – generating a whopping 25% of Amazon’s total[...]

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Tax Compliance with Your Online Store

Compliance and E-commerce Business

When you first began your e-commerce business your concerns quickly grew from “what do I sell? How do I sell?” to being aware of federal and state regulations that included:

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Is Free Shipping Right for Your Business?

Free Shipping: The Benefits and Costs

In today’s eCommerce arena, discounted or free shipping from online stores is not only sought after by customers, it is expected. eCommerce retail is a growing industry, primarily because of the advantages in[...]

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Anyone with a Computer Can Start an Online Store

Five Reasons Why Anyone with a Computer Can Start an Online Store

Virtualization has turned ecommerce into one of the simplest ways to become an entrepreneur. Today’s technology has made it simple for anyone to start their own online store and[...]

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