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Forbidden Words

When writing content for your online store or product descriptions, you should take heed to the following list. The following words should never be used when writing copy for general consumption by customers. It may seem that no one cares, but when reading the words, they sound unprofessional to the average reader.

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Need a Merchant? Receive a $100 Rebate from Moneris

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3dcart Client Spotlight -

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PCI Compliance - Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program


Requirement 5: Use and regularly update anti-virus software Many vulnerabilities and malicious viruses enter the network via employees’ email activities. Anti-virus software must be used on all systems commonly affected by viruses to protect systems from malicious software.

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PCI Compliance - Protect Cardholder Data

Requirement 3: Protect stored cardholder data

Encryption is a critical component of PCI cardholder data protection. If an intruder circumvents other network security controls and gains access to encrypted data, without the proper cryptographic keys, the data is unreadable and unusable to that person. Other effective methods of protecting stored data should be considered as potential risk mitigation opportunities. For example, methods for minimizing risk include not storing cardholder data[...]

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E-Commerce Marketing Basics

The World Wide Web currently has millions of online stores that individuals seeking an outlet for making money from home have established, yet the majority of those are not making a dime. The issue here is that these “Netrepreneurs” have the business knowledge and basic website design know-how to set up a business and a website, yet do not have a clue how to properly market their online stores. Marketing is just as important in the process of establishing an online store as setting up the[...]

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PCI Compliance - Requirement 2

Requirement 2: Do not use vendor-supplied defaults for system passwords and other security parameters

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Writing Better Web Page Titles for SEO

Web page titles are the words that are displayed at the top of the window for each web page that is opened. Usually people do not pay too much attention to the title of a web page unless it is minimized. The title is how people tell which web page they want to return to before they maximize the window.

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What is PCI Compliance?


Many customers hear about PCI compliance and wonder what it is. To shed some light on the largest change to E-Commerce in the last few years, we'll discuss each requirement and how it affects you.

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3Dcart Announces New Partnership with

3DCart Shopping Cart is now fully compatible with Wishpot Wishlist and Registry Tools.

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3dCart is now on Youtube

We've taken all of our training videos and transfered them to Youtube.

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Your Business Card is Crap!

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Top 10 Reasons Your Chargeback Will Be Denied

A reader of has posted an article detailing 10 reasons why consumers fail chargeback requests. As a store owner, a chargeback can be very frustrating and it would serve you well to know what your customer has to do in order to file a successful chargeback against you.

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GoDataFeed App & Integration Review

For Immediate Release

Starting a Business | 2 min read

Starting an Online Business - The Idea

This is the first in our series on how to start an online business. Over the coming weeks, we will outline all the steps necessary for anyone, of any skill level, to create and launch an online store.

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3 Handy Online Tools

Having an online store allows you to disconnect from the office and administrate it from anywhere there's a computer and an internet connection. I've had an online store for about 4 years now, and I love being able to get notifications of my orders instantly via my smartphone. Since I've got an iPhone, I'm able to manage this blog directly from it with a few free apps. Here's a list of helpful online services that will make your life a little bit easier:

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Livesearch: Reward Your Customers!

3DCart Shopping Cart is fully compatible with Live Search cashback!

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How to Sell Online - The Basics

In today's volatile economy, everyone is looking for a guaranteed source of income.

If you sell online, you stand a good chance of making an easy profit very quickly. Many people are turning to the internet in hopes of making more money. Although there is a lot of competition, online businesses are still considered a reliable way to earn money, often while working from home and setting your own hours.

The potential benefits are high, so now is a good time to consider whether you might want[...]

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How to write product content for SEO

If you have a product to sell, you need to take extra care when writing product content. The way you write about a product can make or break your sales. The following are some tips for how to write interesting content that is sure to make a person place a product in their shopping cart.

Starting a Business | 2 min read

Starting an Online Business


In this tough and challenging economic times, many people are searching for ways to supplement their income and earn some extra money. Some people may choose to take a part-time job at a convenience store or a restaurant; others might opt to do some freelance work. But an increasingly popular - and convenient - way to make money today is by selling things online.

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