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eCommerce Marketing | 2 min read

Attract Readers to Your Blog Community

Guest post by :Bethany Ramos

eCommerce News | 2 min read

How Product Recommendations can Boost your Sales 10-25%

Guest post by:  Amy Weissfeld

Social Media | 3 min read

The Best Way to Spend an Hour on Social Media

By Lara Galloway, The Mom Biz Coach

SEO | 3 min read

Beginning Keyword Research

I am your ideal customer. I want exactly what you are selling. I only have to find you. If only Google made it that simple right?

Social Media | 1 min read

Spend 20 Minute a Day Social Marketing: Your To-Do List

Yes, that’s right, small business owners. Jumpstarting your social media marketing campaign can be done in a mere 20 minutes per day!

eCommerce News | 1 min read

We’re Plynt Certified: What It Means for Your Business

Because a lot of personal data passes through our software, it’s important to get a check-up to make sure we’re closely following guidelines for PCI compliance and general secure data transmission. We’re proud to say that after a vigorous testing period by Plynt, a third-party security testing verification and certification company, we’ve passed with flying colors for a second year in a row, which means your customers’ personal data is safe and secure.

Social Media | 2 min read

Facebook Marketing: Learn a Thing or Two from Starbucks

By: Bethany Ramos

Email Marketing | 2 min read

Once, Twice, Three Times an Email

By Ross Kramer, CEO of Listrak

eCommerce News | 0 min read

Bandwidth Limits are Doubled for Small Business Plans

Social Media | 2 min read

Don’t Get Stuck in a Facebook Rut: How to Market in Social Media

By: Bethany Ramos

By now, you may have already set up a few social media profiles to increase your presence as an e-commerce business, right?

Well, what so many e-commerce business owners come to realize as they start to market in social media is that it is often harder than it seems to create long-lasting relationships, reach out to new customers, and improve your visibility. If you’re having a difficult time reaching out to customers and friends on a social media website like Facebook,[...]

Shipping & Fulfillment | 3 min read

How outsourced fulfillment can help you go global

By Nate Gilmore of Shipwire e-commerce product fulfillment service Many entrepreneurs get started by selling a product online on a web store like 3dcart.  For these entrepreneurs, one of the biggest challenges to growth is finding a shipping solution that will scale with their business, offer business flexibility, be cost effective and not become a distraction from the marketing and sales efforts.

A good rule of thumb is that warehousing and shipping can run about 10% of costs for an[...]

Web Design | 2 min read

Why Your Online Store Needs a Logo

To any consumer, the very first introduction of a brand is its logo.  A logo to a brand is as important as a signature to a person, without which the identity of both is incomplete. To understand just about how strongly a logo influences the mind; think of any big brand name like Nike. Your mind immediately projects a little swoosh.That is the power of a logo. You didn’t think about shoes or sportswear because to a consumer the logo is the brand.

Apps & Integrations | 0 min read

eBridge Accounting Software Integration

Apps & Integrations | 1 min read

Shopping Engine Submission

App Store News - GoDataFeed

Apps & Integrations | 1 min read

Ecommerce Feature Spotlight - Built in Photo Editing

Ecommerce Feature Spotlight – Picnik Integration

One thing that sets 3dcart apart from other popular shopping cart providers is the number of tools we provide for our merchants.  Our goal is to make 3dcart an all-encompassing solution for all of your ecommerce needs.

It was with this in mind that we added Picnik integration to the 3.2 version of 3dcart.

What is Picnik?

eCommerce News | 2 min read

Accept International Orders Today

App Store News – International Checkout

Apps & Integrations | 5 min read

Ecommerce Partner Review: PayLeap

PayLeap is a payment processing company that offers adaptive services aimed at reducing cost and keeping online merchants safe. At 3dcart we asked Daryn Barney, VP of Business Development at PayLeap, ABOUT their services and how they can help 3dcart merchants with online payment processing.



When was PayLeap founded and how many active merchants currently use it?​


PayLeap was founded in 2007 and is based in Warsaw, Indiana. Thanks to our partner network and valued[...]

eCommerce News | 4 min read

Built-in ECommerce Blog Feature

Feature Spotlight – Blogging With the introduction of the SocialCommerce tools in 3dcart version 3.2, we unveiled the store Blogging tool.  This feature allows you to instantly create a blog on your store that is housed all within the confines of your main site – thereby sharing, not only the same SEO and RSS functions of your site, but also your site’s overall look and feel.

For today’s Feature Spotlight, we’ll be covering the 3dcart Blog feature.

What exactly is a Blog?

The term “blog” has[...]

eCommerce News | 2 min read

App Store News - Advanced Search

Last week, we introduced our new App Store.  This week, we’d like to showcase one of the many popular apps available in the store.

eCommerce Features | 4 min read

How to Get the Best Rate on Every Transaction

Ever been excited about a big sale, only to see how much you paid in credit card processing fees?  Stop seeing your margin erode with high processing fees.  There may be things you can do to lower your rate.  You know that by offering credit card acceptance you win more sales.  Multiply this effect by lowering your processing costs.  To get the best rates on every transaction, your merchant account needs to be configured correctly.  You also need to handle transactions in a specific way.  Your[...]

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