Savvy online comparison shoppers will always find the lowest price for their purchase—and that can be frustrating for online store owners because you don’t have the time to research every single competitor to compare prices on every single product. How do you snag some of that bargain shopper business without hiring on a researcher or spending countless hours doing the research independently?

Launching in early July, might have exactly what you need to solve the problem and drive up conversions. Our new “Make-An-Offer” feature gives you the ability to cash in on bargain shoppers you might be losing to lower prices elsewhere on the web.

From your end, it’s a simple tool to use. For each product you want the feature to apply to, set a percentage below the original price that still works for your profit margins. Any time a bargain shopper names his or her own price and it’s within the percentage, the purchase is automatically approved. If the shopper names a price below the percentage, you’ll have the ability to approve or decline the sale.

By adding the “Make-An-Offer” feature, you’ll drive up conversions by exposing your brand to new audiences.

New Customer Type 1: Comparison Shoppers

Some shoppers are happy to pick a brand like Amazon and stick with it for all of their shopping needs. Other shoppers want to save money or just enjoy the thrill of the chase, and today’s ecommerce atmosphere makes it easy for shoppers to compare prices online.

By incorporating a “Make an Offer” button, you’ll be able to draw in interested comparison shoppers who already know exactly what they’re looking to buy. They can make an offer below the next best price at another store, and if it’s within your percentage margin, your store will gain a new customer immediately.

New Customer Type 2: Bargain Shoppers

For many of the same reasons as comparison shoppers, bargain shoppers are looking for the best deals they can find online. This category might include shoppers with only a general idea of what they’re looking to purchase—but the right deal can be too good to pass up. Giving these shoppers the ability to name their own price and nail down a bargain increases the likelihood of a conversion and return business.

New Customer Type 3: Haggling Shoppers

Okay, so you’re not a New York City street vendor—but that doesn’t mean you won’t find shoppers that want to haggle with you for a better price. Since the dawn of eBay, internet shoppers have come to realize the potential to work with online stores on pricing flexibility. Haggling isn’t exactly the same as the auction model, but the core concept of a fluid market-based price is the same.

If you want to convert more sales, flexibility is key. Don’t be afraid to haggle; landing that haggle shopper can lead to a lot more business in the future.

Make-An-Offer is new in 3dcart . In the following week we’ll be providing details on 2 more great features that in addition to Autoresponders and 3dFeedback make 3dcart  the ideal solution for your online store.