ECommerce Reputation Monitoring

As every online merchant knows, online reputation can make or break a store. Its important to monitor online conversations mentioning your brand's reputation both good and bad.

When you come across a negative comment or conversation fast enough, you can reach out to the user and hopefully reverse the situation. What started out as a bad review of shipping methods could turn into a positive review on customer service! When you come across positive mentions of your brands,  thank the users! Just a simple acknowledgment and a personal connection can turn online reviewers into brand advocates!

But how do you make sure you know what users are saying about your store with the millions of websites, online conversations, tweets, and Facebook updates?

While there's plenty of expensive brand monitoring tools, Google's free alert system gives you plenty of tools to stay on top of your brand.

Google alerts allows you to setup basic alerts or customize the alerts using advanced search operators. You can set up alerts to let you know the minute your brand is mentioned, daily updates, or weekly. You can also choose to narrow down the list of sources to news, discussions, blogs, video, realtime or everything - our advice is set your alerts for everything.

You can set up to 1000 alerts and also recieve alerts in multiple languages. Google lets you choose whether you want to receive your alerts by email or RSS feed.

TIP: Set alerts for all the ways a customer could mention you: misspelled, add a .com, put extra spacing etc. For example - 3d cart,, 3dshoppingcart,

Google alerts are great because not only can they help you stay on top of your brand, they can help you stay on top of your competitors and the industry at large. Alerts are a powerful tool so be creative and think outside of the box.

Here's some ideas for alerts:

  • Brand mentions
  • Mentions of competitors
  • Industry news
  • Sites looking for guest bloggers within your industry
  • Someone asking an industry question
  • Upcoming networking opportunities/events
  • A link with your desired anchor text
  • A potential new customer asking about your product