The holiday season is underway, and your seasonal paid search campaigns need to jump into high gear so your products appear where they need to be: in front of holiday searchers! The best way to do that is to utilize multiple search engine optimization platforms. You need to be using Bing Ads!

Last year, over 224 million retail searchers used the Bing Network over the holiday season. They didn't stop with just a search, though. In fact, they spent close to 20% more than the average online shopper. That's certainly something you shouldn't let pass you by!

To give your Bing Ads efforts a boost this season, we've created the Bing Ads Holiday Hub, where you can access resources that provide tips, tricks, and valuable insights. The hub will serve as your guide on how to set up great campaigns using all the best holiday keywords so the shoppers will beat a path to buy from your online store.

We have some other tools that can really give your campaign efforts a boost, starting with our webcast: Bing in the Holidays. There, holiday experts from Bing Ads and Merkle come together to share great advice and strategies. You can learn their best practices for enhancing your advertising and designing festive campaigns to take advantage of the holiday season, and they'll also guide you through the process for launching both general and specific ads, such as for local inventory. Best of all, they'll provide tips on how to stretch your holiday budget by getting the most out of every one of your paid search dollars.

You can get a better understanding of the value of paid search at the Holiday Hub too, by downloading the free eBook The Value of Search: Offline Revenue Impact of Paid Search. Inside is a recent in-depth study demonstrating how paid search campaigns can contribute to in-store purchases, as well as some great information on how the holidays can affect offline revenue over ad spend (ROAS). For more, check out our Bing Ads blogs, where you can read all about the news we can offer about insights, product news, and roadmaps for your success.

Another great resource found on our hub is our SEM Campaign Toolkit, which guides you through the best ways to create and optimize your ads to meet your business goals. If you like to work from checklists, we also have a Holiday Planning Guide that will help you get ready for the holiday season and beyond.

Bing Ads, and the resources we provide, can jumpstart your holiday sales like you wouldn't believe. You still have some time, but you need to jump in now. Nearly a third of searches are powered by Microsoft and you can leverage this fact to build a powerful sales pipeline for your customers. Our Bing Ads Holiday Hub will help you get the most out of your Bing Network experience and paid search in general. Let's get going!


Linda Shi
Marketing Communications Manager, Bing Ads


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