The homepage of your website is inarguably the most important, if not the most visited page on your website. Roughly 50% of your visitors arrive at your homepage, and with only a few seconds to capture their attention, its design needs to be nothing short of stunning.

But a great homepage is more than just beautiful. Through a captivating design and compelling content, it quickly illustrates to customers that your store is where their needs will be met. It tells customers who you are, what you sell, and why your product is the answer, with just a quick glance.

Whether your home page is suffering from a high bounce rate or you’re already using a gorgeous responsive design, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to your homepage. Design practices are constantly evolving, with new “best practices” heavily influencing the effectiveness of a business’s web design.

To help online store owners convert more visitors into customers, 3cart offers professional services designed to make the homepage as effective as it can be. Proven to lure more customers, increase customer browsing time, and improve the user experience, 3dcart’s design add-ons are the easy solution to giving your brand a discernible proposition.


  • 3 beautiful, professionally designed banners
  • Designs uniquely tailored to your brand and business


  • Highlight several groups of products on your homepage
  • Displays next to featured products
  • Draw more attention to specific products

Ready to make your homepage the best it can be? Let 3dcart’s design experts help you start increasing conversions. Learn more about eCommerce web design and visit the 3dcart App Store to get started.