Believe it or not, this is one of the most common questions we get asked by new businesses as they start selling online, and with good reason - it is a great question.  A domain name can make or break your online business.

Choosing a good name for your homebase on the web is of utmost importance because it plays a major role in boosting your online presence, establishing excellent and appropriate branding, and enabling people to easily visit. As much as possible, it's essential that you pick a name that you can stick with for as long as your business continues to exist.

The Elements of a Good Domain Name

What makes a good domain name? Ensure that yours is an excellent one that suits your brand and niche, and will not give people a hard time typing out the URL. In this light, go through the crucial elements below that comprise a good name choice for your supposed permanent home on the web.

  • Simple and Short

Rather than aiming for a play at words or long keywords, a lot of e-marketing experts recommend going for simple and short domain names that will easily be remembered. This is helpful if some people come across your website URL or domain name in one of your guest blog or social media posts and they wish to eventually visit. It will then be easier to recall.

  • Unique But Easy

Trying to sound similar to an existing domain, especially one that's already popular, is a definite no-no! It's not going to help you because web users will always confuse you with another site. Moreover, you won't be able to achieve a distinct name for yourself.

In addition, make sure that your domain name is not just easy to remember but easy to type too. It should also be easy to understand. Go for sensible rather than cutesy.

  • Brand-Appropriate

It takes hard work to make your domain name well-known and easily associated with your products and/or services if it sounds out of this world and doesn't come close to what you're offering. Hence, you must opt for something more brand-appropriate that will enable people to immediately remember your company and picture your remarkable items for sale.

  • Ends with Dot Com

Let's face it. Even until now, there are still many who assume that all website URLs end with dot com. That's probably why we don’t find as many .net, .co, and .org domains around. So go with the flow and help people find you more easily with a .com extension.

  • No Hyphens and Numbers

Using hyphens and numbers can be quite confusing for potential visitors because they may end up typing the entire name without the hyphen or spelling out the number included. Besides, you can't promote your website as easily if talking to a prospective buyer since you'll have to explain about the symbols in the name. Chances are he won't recall it.

  • Only One Spelling

Can your domain name be spelled in only one way? If not, then there's a risk that a would-be visitor and potential buyer will be led to another site. Or perhaps some of them might be brought to a non-existent site and end up feeling frustrated or irritated. You might end up losing sales every single day!

These elements should all be present when checking if your domain name is good. If not, you might not be able to maximize the potential of your online business.

Reasons Why You Might Consider a Change

If you already have a registered domain and you find that the name doesn't seem to possess the given elements above, you can consider changing it.

Or maybe you've noticed that within the period of time you were operating your business, traffic remains slow and profits seem weak. In such case, you'll need to conduct a thorough study to find out if your domain name has something to do with this.

Yes, it may be costly to change your domain name because you'll have to register a new one and market it again. It will take extra effort too. Nevertheless, if other steps you've taken are not providing satisfactory results and your study shows that the domain name is a huge factor in the struggles of your business, then it might be worth it to go for the change.

Choosing a domain name is undoubtedly valuable in so many ways. Thus, you ought to completely examine what you have now and decide whether it needs to be changed or not.

Should you decide that you want to change your domain name, it is extremely important that you do it properly.  


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