We recently announced the addition of a plugin that syncs your inventory between multiple stores. For those of you already running more than one store, the plugin should save time usually spent manually updating inventory across two 3dcart sites.

Of course, we’re all human. The plugin should also help reduce the possibility of an inventory error in case you make a typo or fall behind on updates.

If you aren’t running more than one store, you might ask yourself why other 3dcart merchants are. Allow us to explain. We see three main reasons why a store owner may launch another store featuring some of the same products:

  • Selling in different languages
  • Targeting shoppers more accurately
  • Dominating search rankings

We don’t suggest this strategy for everyone. It’s important to consider your business needs before you set up a second (or even third) store. But, if you’re considering it, here’s a breakdown of the benefits.

Selling in Other Countries

Lots of 3dcart stores are located in the U.S. (although we do have stores in 15 countries). Just because you’re based here doesn’t mean you can’t open a second store to new markets in other countries.

Of course, opening a store in another country may require an entirely different storefront. You wouldn’t want a store targeting customers in Spain to be in English, for example. Different countries demand unique websites -- even if they feature the same products.

For stores in different languages sharing the same products, synchronized inventory makes a lot of sense.

Segmenting Your Audience for Targeted Marketing

Another consideration may be a segmented audience. It’s always easier to speak to your audience when they’re in narrower, more targeted places. As a result, some people set up different stores to target different audiences with the same or overlapping products.

For instance, if you run a sporting goods superstore that covers every sport, you may consider segmenting goods by sport type. You could create different stores for each sport you want to focus on. With the new inventory sync plug-in, purchases made in the targeted stores reflect in the inventory of the superstore, ensuring you avoid potentially costly inventory errors.

Dominating the Search Results

While we wouldn’t suggest this as your priority for creating multiple stores, search domination may be an extra benefit of setting up extra stores. With the same products listed on multiple sites, your business will have more visibility in comparison shopping engines and in general search results.

To get started using the new multi-store inventory sync plugin, access it from your 3dcart store dashboard.