A lot of neophyte merchants get so caught up in the whirlwind process of designing a website, preparing product photos and descriptions, and marketing the business that they tend to overlook the grave importance of IT security. Just because you're not putting up a brick and mortar shop doesn't mean you don't need security measures to protect not just your business but your customers too.

Ecommerce experts will tell you one thing about this matter--- online store security begins with a SSL certificate.


Before you go into panic, you need to know that 3dcart has thought of this concern before you even knew about it. This is why we offer a basic shared SSL certificate for all our retailers--- free of charge! Nevertheless, as the good entrepreneur you aim to be, it's important for you to understand what this is actually for and how it will help you.

So What in the World is SSL?
SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It's a cryptographic system that ensures the safe connection between web users and the server of your website.

Still a little bit too technical? Just think of this system as an army of security guards watching over the bridge where your customers pass to transact with you. This means that all information shared can be safeguarded at all times.

Why Would I Need a SSL Certificate?
The answer to this vital question is something that every online store owner has to comprehend. Here are the top reasons behind the need for a SSL certificate:

  • Well-Protected Personal Information
    Every online merchant will have to gather personal info from customers at one point or another. Whether it's credit card details, address and contact numbers, or something else, it is your responsibility to ensure that such information are well-protected and will not leak out or be accessed by outside parties.
  • Trust in and Integrity of Your Business
    When you're able to show visitors that you have a SSL certificate, it gives them added reason to trust your brand and business and to believe in your credibility. You get to develop a better reputation and also exhibit integrity in the process. And in the long run, this will draw in more potential customers and make it easier for you to grow and expand.
  • Defense Against Hackers and Intruders
    No online entrepreneur would want hackers breaking into his or her website or having intruders stealing data. These days, with the popularity of ecommerce comes the proliferation of web trespassers. And this is why you ought to have this SSL shield to help avoid problems with such. Remember that it's your business at stake. One incident can give you bad publicity and make customers choose your competitors over you, no matter how excellent your products may be.
  • Improvement in Conversion and Sales
    In the field of Internet marketing, it's very important not just to increase traffic to your store but also to improve your conversion rate. When customers are confident that they can trust your site's security, they are more likely to buy from you or release information to join promos, sign up for newsletters, and more. Hence, you get to achieve better conversion and thus boost your sales as a result.

How Can 3dcart Help Me in This Aspect?
The 3dcart basic package comes with a shared SSL. We also install a SSL Secure Store seal that can appear on every page of your online store, showing your visitors and customers that your website is trustworthy.
However, if you already have one, we can assist you with the transfer from Verisign, Thawte, and GeoTrust for a reasonable fee.

Take note that a shared SSL will reflect the 3dcart domain name instead of your own. Hence, you might want to also consider availing of a private one that would show your own domain name whenever web users need to transmit any data to you. In this regard, we can definitely give you a hand too to process it.

Now you realize just how essential a SSL certificate is to your business. Every 3dcart merchant needs it and will benefit from it, which is why our team is always ready and willing to help you in this aspect. If you wish to learn more about your options, all you have to do is holler. Click here for more details or simply give us a call.