The leader of your book club shops online. Your 13-year old middle-schooler shops online (hopefully with your consent). Your grandmother shops online. Online shopping isn't just for the tech savvy anymore, but just WHO is the new mobile shopper? Just HOW connected are they?

A new infographic by Zmags sets out to answer just that and there are some important take-aways.

She's a soccer mom. 52% of 'connected consumers' are women with an average age of 40. Yep, despite generational stereotypes the connect consumer is NOT a millennial!

She's super connected. In addition to owning a laptop, our connected consumer carries around a smart device ( smartphone or tablet) with her at all times.
She's a social butterfly. 81% of connected consumers are active Facebook users. This provides huge opportunity for merchants to reach these connected women where they hang out on the web!

She loves shopping. 41%  of connected consumers say that shopping makes them happy! This is important for a two reasons.

  1. If she loves shopping, she's going to browse your store for fun meaning that its even more important to go after Buyer Keywords.
  2. If shops to make her happy, she's not going to put up with a complicated checkout process, bad customer service, or a confusing design. You need to make sure your store lets her get her shopping endorphins and doesn't turn her e-shopping smile upside down.

She doesn't like shopping through branded apps. This is a win for online merchants with a small business mindset. You don;t need to go out and pay $5,000 for a fancy branded app, she won't shop there anyway. Instead she prefers, mobile & web shopping.

There's a a bunch of more interesting facts and figures, check it out!