Because a lot of personal data passes through our software, it’s important to get a check-up to make sure we’re closely following guidelines for PCI compliance and general secure data transmission. We’re proud to say that after a vigorous testing period by Plynt, a third-party security testing verification and certification company, we’ve passed with flying colors for a second year in a row, which means your customers’ personal data is safe and secure.

Plynt has worked with more than 400 companies to ensure data passing through their systems is highly resistant to hackers and other malicious activity online. Plynt Certification joins the many security accolades 3DCart customers already enjoy, including TRUSTe, Verisign TrustSeal and McAfee Secure designations.

The testing process is extremely thorough. Plynt computer engineers act as hackers and try to break through the security of the 3DCart system to simulate what kind of damage an actual attack may cause. Obtaining certification relies on 3DCart’s ability to enact strict preventative security measures, which our software was able to do.

As it goes with any business, your company and your customers form a bond built on trust. Highlighting that trust before any transaction occurs helps you form an immediate bond with a potential customer, increasing conversion and helping you deliver a stalwart, trustworthy brand online. Think of this certification as another way we’re working to strengthen our relationship with you, our customer.

Today’s real risks and consumer worries over fraud and identity theft require strict compliance with Payment Card Industry standards. With so many online retailers dependent on how we position our software, 3DCart would like to reaffirm our commitment to staying on the cutting-edge of PCI compliance. To help our customers understand how critical PCI compliance is, we plan to continue building our knowledge base to offer more resources for our customers. Visit to learn more.