After 6 months of testing and design, the award winning 3dCart shopping cart software is proud to release version 3.1.0, which includes fixes, performance improvements, new features, and usability enhancements.

New Feature Highlights:

1. Multiple Frames for content pages – Allows you to change the complete layout for individual pages throughout the cart and provides for limitless customization options.
2. Home Page Sorting- Specify the sequence that should be used to sort the products in the “Home” page.
3. Previous and Next navigation links - Easily navigate between Products, Customers and Orders by using PREVIOUS and NEXT links.
4. Global Restricted Store Access - Restrict the access to the entire site by enabling this setting, only registered customers will be able to access any page on the site.
5. New API Methods for 3rd party developers
6. Store Manager Error Console- The Store Manager checks for inconsistency on some features and registers this information in the new Error Console.

Order Manager Feature Highlights:

1. Customer Information Manager (CIM) Integration
(Storing Credit Card Information) -
The Authorize.Net Customer Information Manager (CIM) allows you to store your customers’ sensitive payment information on’s secure servers, simplifying payments for returning customers. So customers are able to store the credit card information and use it for future orders without actually saving credit card information in your store.
2. transactions to include product information. - Transactions sent to now include the order’s line items so this information can be displayed at’s end.
3. Report “Orders By Date - Promotion”- This report displays each individual order that used a specific promotion.
4. Orders Search by “ITEM SKU”- Easily find all orders that included a specific SKU/Part Number.
5. Settings to “Allow Custom Prices” on Phone Orders - Enable the ability to manually enter prices to the products ordered via the Phone Order system. This allows the user to enter any price for the products and overrides the Quantity Discounts.
6. “Test Coupon Code” tool - Test coupon codes on Not Complete orders to validate the required rules for the specific promotion to apply.7. “Validate Tax” tool - Easily debug any Tax calculation issues with this tool, it allows to review the step-by-step calculation for the tax on any order.
8. Not Complete Orders Error Console - Complete log of customer’s errors with the Not Complete orders allow to review the visitor’s experience on the site. This console includes Invalid Coupons, Login Errors, Shipping Errors, etc.


Shipping Feature Highlights:

1. Allow Address Type Selection - Display the option at checkout for your customers to select between RESIDENTIAL or COMERCIAL address.
2. FEDEX Discounted Rates - This setting enables the use of Fedex Negotiated rates that are available on your Fedex’s account. Retail rates are displayed when disabled.
3. DROPSHIP indicator on Products - Easily identify which products are being shipped from a Dropshipper when editing products. The distributor’s list will display “(dropshipper)” next to the distributor’s name.

Payment Feature Highlights:

Payment Gateway real transaction test - Store Manager can test payment methods with real Credit Card information. There is a $0.25 transaction per test.


Customers Manager Feature Highlights:

1. Wishlist Admin section - Manager customer’s Wishlist from the Store Manager with the ability to generate a Mailing Manager Group to contact all customers’ subscribed to a mailing list.
2. Gift Registry Admin section - Manager customer’s Gift Registries from the Store Manager with the ability to specify when a Gift Registry product has been purchased Offline so it displays as “ordered” in the front-end.
3. Reward Points Admin section - The “Rewards by Customer” and “Rewards - Overall” reports compile the information from the customer’s usage of the 'Rewards Points” program.

Products Manager Feature Highlights:

1. Product Option for “One time Setup fees” - Standard product options are multiplied times the quantity of products being ordered. The “One Time Fee” allows to set up option charges that will be applied to the order one time for any quanity added. This is useful for printing business or similar where there is a setup charge for the products.
2. “View All” link on the category page - For categories with multiple pages, a “View All” link can be added that removes paging and displays all products in 1 page.
3. Setting for e-Products “Download Expiration (Days)” - Enter the specific number of days that an eproduct can be downloaded for after the order was placed.

Third Party Integrations

Godatafeed Shopping Engine - Automatically submit your products to multiple shopping engines. More info at

Buysafe OPT-OUT - Buysafe Bond system automatically added to all customers at checkout. More info at

Paypal Accelarated Boarding - New customers can now start accepting Paypal Express payments without having a Paypal account.

PowerReviews - Enhanced online review system. More info at

Wishpot - Enhanced online Gift Registry and Wishlist system. More info at

Bing Cashback - The shopping engine Live Cashback is now Bing Cashback, offer cash rewards to your customers for every purchase.

Google Adwords - Free Adwords credits for all customers when they open a new Adwords account. Credit can be requested from MARKEING > GOOGLE ADWORDS in the Store Manager. More Info at

New Payment Gateways

  • Amazon Simple Pay
  • Barclays
  • Beanstream
  • Braintree Payment Solutions
  • IPCharge
  • LUCY Gateway
  • MeS Gateway
  • Moneybookers
  • Moneris US
  • MSC Secure
  • Paymentech Canada
  • Paymenow
  • Paypal Pay Later
  • PayTech
  • QuickBooks Merchant
  • Sage Payments
  • SpeedChex Echeck

Custom Plugins (Contact our Sales Dept for details and prices)


  • Efullfilment automatic  order status update.
  • Washington State Real Time Tax calculation.
  • StrikeIron Real Time Tax calculation.
  • Cybersource Real Time Tax calculation.
  • Recurring Orders (CIM Integration Required).
  • Category Filters.
  • SAIA Freight Integration
  • Individual Products with Multiple Boxes.
  • Individual Products with Multiple distributors. (Products can have more than 1 distributor and System will automatically select the correct distributor based on the customer’s location)