Using Video in eCommerce: Tips for Effective Product Videos

Is seeing really believing? Not always, but in eCommerce ‘seeing ‘ can translate into buying.

Think about it - eCommerce allows shoppers to browse hundreds of thousands of stores from the comfort of their couch. The only major advantage brick and mortar stores have over eCommerce’s easy, convenient and efficient purchase process is the ability to see, touch, and feel the products.

Until hologram eCommerce (HCommerce?) arrives, the best way to let a customer experience your products is through videos.  Videos can immerse customers into buying experiences, display company personality, drive additional traffic from other channels like YouTube or Vimeo, and can even give your SEO a boost. The idea of providing videos for your customers may not be revolutionary but over 68% of online merchants are not taking advantage of the benefits videos can offer.

Product videos can be extremely effective selling tools. Ecommerce giant does a great job of providing simple & effective product videos for their customers.

Here are a couple of things we can learn from Zappos’ effective product videos:

  • Brevity is genius. Keep your videos short. Think less ‘Lord of The Rings’ and more movie trailer.
  • Be personal. Show your customers who you are. Don’t be afraid of showing some personality. Steer clear from cheesy lines and puns. Act like a friend not an infomercial pitchman.
  • Speak clearly. Plan what you’re going to say ahead of time and practice a few times before turning on the camera. Your customers want to know what you’re saying so speak slowly and clearly.
  • Think like your customer. What would you want to know about the product? What would you want to see? An intuitive product not only can further the customer in the purchase process but also can help build trust & credibility.
  • Showcase your high-quality products and emphasize the unique features that set the product apart.
  • Use a minimalist background. Use a plain wall as a backdrop to focus your audience on what’s really important.
  • Don’t keep your customers in the dark. Make sure both you and your product are well-lit. Avoid annoying shadows by moving around lamps and other lights until the shot is picture perfect.
  • You don’t need professional grade camera equipment to make a useful video for your customers. All you need is a digital or computer video camera, editing software and a little determination.