The most accurate method to charge shoppers for shipping is to use shipping rates calculated in real-time directly from your shipping carriers.

The timeliness factor is important for your online store. Without it, it’s nearly impossible to predict the shipping amount to charge the customer. You could end up eating some of the cost if you aren’t presenting accurate rates. In some cases, you could end up overcharging the customer, which can hurt customer loyalty.

3dcart offers the most complete real-time carrier shipping calculation. This comes standard with all 3dcart plans at no additional cost.

Online stores running on 3dcart can integrate directly with the following shipping carriers.


US Shipping Carriers

  • USPS: Connect directly to the United States Postal Service to calculate real-time rates for domestic and international packages.
  • UPS: By registering an account with UPS (United Parcel Service of America), your store can connect directly to their web service to provide their real-time rates to your shoppers. Check out a crash-course on how to do this here.
  • FedEx: 3dcart is certified as a FedEx Compatible Solution. This means that any store powered by 3dcart can get real-time shipping rate calculations from Fedex, including their SmartPost shipping service.
  • DHL: As a division of the German logistics company Deutsche Post, DHL provides international express mail services. The rates can automatically be displayed at the time of checkout on your 3dcart store.
  • TNT Express: Headquartered in the Netherlands, Thomas Nationwide Transport (TNT) has fully owned operations in 63 countries and delivers documents, parcels and pieces of freight to over 200 countries. The 3dcart integration with TNT Express allows you to calculate real-time shipping rates directly in your store.


International Shipping Carriers

  • Canada Post: The Canada Post Corporation is Canada’s primary postal operator. With 3dcart, all Canadian based stores with a Canada Post account can easily calculate rates from their web service directly into their checkout.
  • Australia Post: The main and largest postal company in Australia, Australia Post has been keeping Australia connected for more than 200 years. The integration is available for all 3dcart stores based in Australia to provide real-time postal rates to shoppers.


Freight and LTL (Less than truckload)

3dcart has additional integrations with many of the main US based carriers to provide real-time calculation built into the checkout process. These are for online stores that require the use of LTL or Freight Shipping options based on the nature of their products.

  • Freightquote: As a freight shipping broker, Freightquote provides rates from different carriers for truckload (TL), less than truckload (LTL freight), expedited LTL or intermodal. The top carriers supported are Reddaway, Roadrunner, Saia, YRC, NewPenn and Southeastern Freight Lines.
  • Echo:  Echo Global Logistics is a freight shipping broker. With Echo you can manage your entire supply chain and receive a total transportation management solution with a dedicated team of transportation professionals to manage every shipment.
  • Newgistics (LMI Freight): Newgistics Freight Services provides transportation management solutions that help companies manage their internal processes while improving customer satisfaction.
  • SAIA LTL Freight: Saia LTL Freight's dependable one-, two- and three-day direct service speeds your delivery cycles, enables you to leverage the power of just-in-time distribution, and gives you a solid competitive edge. The company’s direct service area features 147 terminals, handling more than 25,000 shipments a day.
  • Worldwide Express: The global logistics company is one of the largest authorized resellers of express shipping for UPS® and a trusted freight partner to more than 45 carriers. Worldwide Express handles millions of package and freight shipments for 30,000 small to midsize businesses.

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