multi-channel onlne store

Listing your product on multiple online retail platforms, such as Amazon, eBay and makes your business a multichannel merchant. Multichannel retailing provides your product the opportunity to be seen by each retail channel’s built-in audience and compete for sales.

Your online store remains the best resource for your business and product information- the who you are and what you do. And distributing your product on various sites does not dilute your brand, it enhances it. Customers will be driven to your site to find out more about your company, read reviews, and research your product they are about to purchase. Besides driving traffic to your website, let’s look at several other benefits to becoming a multichannel merchant.

Increase Your Share of Wallet

Selling your product on multiple e-retailer sites gives your product a larger share of customers’ wallets than your online store alone. You increase your opportunities to make a sale by listing your product on a variety of e-retailer sites.

Capture Customer’s Attention

Online shoppers typically research products before they make a purchase. You want to remain forefront in a customer’s mind as they search for your product type. Having your product on sale with multiple e-retailers introduces the customer to your brand and product, as well as boosts your brand’s credibility.

Enhance Your Productivity

Multichannel retailing keeps your business firing on all cylinders. It takes a great deal of coordination and organization to fill orders from different e-retailers, but keep in mind you are converting new customers and making sales!

Multichannel retailing is a great opportunity for small online businesses. It is an effective, cost conscious way to reach a massive, purchase ready audience. 3dcart makes it easy to export your 3dcart store product feeds to the largest e-retailers. Want to explore selling on Amazon, eBay, Google and more? We’ve got you covered with GoDataFeed.

GoDataFeed automatically updates your inventory, adds promotions and lists prices from your 3dcart store across your external e-retailer platforms, making your transition into multichannel retailing that much easier! What are you waiting for, get started today!