Mobile commerce is gaining momentum as the number of consumers researching and buying on their mobile devices continues to grow. As of 2015, nearly one-third of all eCommerce sales stem from mobile, a trend driven by bigger screens, improved mobile search, and smoother buying experiences.

Many online retailers looking to take advantage of this rapid growth have wisely turned their attention and resources toward developing a mobile commerce strategy. But what many businesses fail to realize is that a complete mobile commerce strategy isn’t synonymous with responsive design alone; a mobile app should be a cornerstone of your mobile strategy, too.

Apps encourage brand loyalty and social sharing; makes the shopping experience faster and more secure; and can dramatically improve the overall user experience. They allow you to deliver a streamlined, personalized experience for each device, such as an iPhone or an Android tablet, and can help you drive user engagement and increase sales through push notifications.

AppNotch, a mobile app creation platform, makes it easy, fast, and affordable for online retailers to create and maintain apps – no coding required. In just minutes, you can turn your website into a powerful app that can help you increase sales, boost your SEO ranking, and promote customer engagement.

AppNotch features include:

  • Put Your Store on Your Customer's Phone – Your app on your customer’s phone makes it easier for them to business with you.
  • Be one tap away to order
  • Unlimited Push Notifications – Send timely notifications to your customers’ phones informing them of specials, alerts, or events.
  • Boost Your Brand – AppNotch will publish your app in Google Play and Apple iTunes
  • Synchronized Marketing – Your new app store will be synchronized with your website and web store. Anytime you update your website, your mobile app will be updated in real time.
  • With Google deep linking websites and apps in app stores, your app will offer SEO benefits.

You can use AppNotch to transform your website in your own app for only $19/month or $99/year subscription plus a one-time publishing fee for Google Play and Apple iTunes of $99. To learn more, visit the 3dcart App Store.