At 3dcart, we love our merchants. If they succeed we succeed, and our team is prepared to do whatever it takes in order to make that happen.

In that spirit, we've created what has come to be known as "Shout it Out" Friday, a series of blog posts dedicated to showcasing some amazing new e-stores that have just gone live with 3dcart.

Every week, hundreds of ecommerce websites open shop with our solution. Today, however, we are very proud to feature the following two. 

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Vapor Rave


Vapor Rave is an online store that sells U.S. branded electronic cigarettes, vapor gear, supplies and juice.

It's a company that prides itself on selling only high quality, brand name products made strictly in the USA. And did we mention their price points crush the competition? At Vapor Rave, not only are you buying the best, you’re doing it for a fraction of the cost.

In addition to great deals, Vapor Rave ensures every shopper is provided with pertinent educational materials on all things electronic cigarettes. They accomplish this by offering the latest industry news via their custom blog and various social media sites.

True pioneers in the world of ecommerce, Vapor Rave further separates itself by offering payment processing with no credit card required. That’s right! You read it correctly. Shopping on Vapor Rave eliminates the need -- and risk -- often associated with plastic transactions.

Of course you can pay with your credit card on Vapor Rave if you so choose, but with integrated payment features via Dwolla -- and bitcoins soon to come -- why would you?

For more information about Vapor Rave, please visit their Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube pages.

 The Quilt Patch


Kathy Seal opened the doors of The Quilt Patch in the fall of 1997. Since that time, they’ve outgrown their location twice to become one of the largest quilt shops in Michigan!

Their 7,700 square feet of quilting bliss houses over 7,000 bolts of 100% cotton quilting fabric, 200+ samples, oodles upon oodles of kits and a class room with a capacity of thirty sewing machines.

Their basic info-only website was redesigned in 2012 to include an online shopping cart customized to meet the unique needs of today's modern quilter.

Three full-timers and seven part-time gals round out The QP staff. Everyone (except for the "computer girl") is an avid quilter, and each member of The QP Team brings something unique to the table. Some have been quilting for decades while others are QP students turned teachers and pattern designers.

Outlined in their first newsletter ever sent out, the original goal of The QP Team was to emulate Cheers (You know, the bar made famous by the ever-popular TV show). The Quilt Patch would strive be a place "where everybody knows your name," and quilting project. They took this silly goal to heart and became a place where women could develop their hobby, start a new one or just hang out! Looking back, there’s no doubt The Quilt Patch has succeeded in becoming the booze-less fabric bar they set out to be!

For more information about The Quilt Patch, please visit their YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages!