5pecialist3dcart is always striving to improve our services and support, which is why we’re proud to announce that our SEO team now boasts three 5pecialists! Anibal, Asael and Kevin are 3dcart’s newest 5pecialists, having passed Google’s vigorous 5pecialist challenge before the September 15th deadline.

Thousands of advertisers hit the books on August, 15, 2015 when Google announced their 5pecialist challenge. The exams were designed to test applicants’ knowledge of online advertising best practices and AdWords, with exams focusing on core concepts such as measurement, optimization, campaign setup and management, and value proposition of online marketing.  To receive certification, advertisers were required to pass six comprehensive AdWords exams; AdWords Fundamentals and five supplementary advertising topics, including: search, display, video, shopping, and mobile.

The advertising industry is ever-changing, with Google releasing frequent updates, both small and large, to their AdWords platform. Consequently, it’s imperative that advertisers take measures to ensure they’re up to speed on the latest standards and practices.

Having passed Google’s six exams, our SEO team now consists of Certified Google Experts, with 24 Google Certifications between our team. With additional Tag Manager and Bing Ads certificates, our expert team is ready and capable to provide our 17k+ merchants with the best campaign results possible.

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