Take Advantage of Group Buying Benefits with 3DCart 4’s Group Deals Feature

Group buying has exploded into one of the hottest retail trends on the market—so why hasn’t your business cashed in on it yet? Groupon is one of the fastest growing startups of all time, and businesses everywhere have enjoyed the benefits of working with the company.

The only major drawback of working with a group-buying platform like Groupon is that you’ll have to pay out on the sales you make. It’s a fair system, but your business is already taking a cut on profits by offering the deal. If you’d like to run a group buying campaign, cut out the middleman and start an organic deal with “Group Deals,” a new feature included with 3DCart 4.

The new “Group Deals” feature empowers you with the ability to move inventory quickly by selling large blocks of product offered at a discounted rate to a minimum group of participants that must be reached for the deal to go through. Take a look at the points below to understand how launching your own group deal can help you convert more sales.

1. Go viral.

Groupon exploded onto the scene as a result of social media and the ease with which shoppers can share content. If you have a following on your social media channels, corporate blog, newsletter or other marketing channels, your customers can help you go viral because it’s in their interest to share the deal with others so enough people buy and it tips.

2. Keep all of your profits.

Yes, you’ll have to take a hit on profits to offer a deal—but the potential for new customers and more conversions can make it all worthwhile. As we mentioned earlier, Groupon takes a cut from every deal they launch; by organizing your own group deal, you’ll take less of a hit on your profits by cutting out the middleman. The feature is easy to use and integrated directly into your online store.

3. Run as many group deals as you like.

Groupon has expanded to promote thousands of companies across the spectrum of business—and that means you’ll have to wait your turn to launch a deal. With your own group deal feature, you can run your deals whenever you want. No more waiting in line, no more compromising on when you want to run your promotion. For instance, if you sell Fourth of July decorations, it’s a popular time of year for any store to run a promo, so good luck striking a deal with Groupon. Your store’s built-in group deals function makes it simple to take advantage of the holiday and drive higher sales.

4. Control how you promote.

The middleman always has the best opportunity to promote its brand when you work with LivingSocial or Groupon. Without the middleman, your brand won’t have to share the spotlight. You have complete control over how you promote your deal, so make the best of it!

Group Deals are new in 3dcart 4. This in addition to Daily Deals, Make-An-Offer, Autoresponders and 3dFeedback make 3dcart 4 the ideal solution for your online store.

About the Author:
Jimmy Rodriguez is CTO and co-founder of 3DCart, developer of an e-commerce suite for businesses of all sizes. As an authority on e-commerce best practices, Jimmy combines more than 8 years as an e-commerce developer and web programmer with SEO, social marketing and business intelligence.