Support Incentives that Would Make Ben & Jerry Jealous

At 3DCart, we believe that one of our most important differentiators is 24/7 unfailing support for our customers. Our shopping cart software has withstood a wide range of challenges, like tackling unusually heavy traffic, supporting real-time partner integration and offering more features than the competition—but it’s nice for our customers to know we’re around if they need us.

With summer nearly upon us, we’ve been running an incentive program for the support team that has brought about huge success. Whenever support calls in queue and open tickets reach zero, the entire support team is treated to ice cream!

Besides a few sticky keyboards and several minor brain-freezes, we believe the incentive program has met with great results—but we’ll let you, the customer, be the judge.

Remember, if you’re ever having an issue with your online store, visit our support page and take a look at some of the support resources we’ve put together—and if all else fails, or you’re simply looking to talk to a real person, pick up the phone and give us a friendly ring at 954.332.0581. They’ll solve your problem quickly or they’ll get no ice cream!