Taking Inventory

For thousands of online merchants, expanding business operations is an exciting, defining moment in a company's life.

Every day, 3dcart store owners are taking the plunge into new territory, growing across not only physical borders, but digital ones, too. The launch of a new online store is a tremendous milestone for a company, marking a new era of growth, possibilities, and great adventure.

Whether you're just now mapping out your business's future or you're already managing multiple stores, you've likely put a lot of thought into how you can streamline operations for improved efficiency. Because the hard truth of the matter is that although multiple stores can mean astronomical growth, it also translates to an increased workload. Or does it?

With 3dcart's Multiple Store Inventory Sync plugin, managing inventory across multiple 3dcart stores is simple, fast, and painless.

How does it work?

With the Multiple Store Inventory Sync plugin, you'll be able to choose which of your stores will serve as the Master Store with its centralized inventory. Additional stores will serve as child stores, and will subscribe to the inventory in the main store. Any changes applied to the stock of your products in the master store will propagate automatically to all child stores, and as orders are received on any of the child stores, a real-time update will notify the master store to deduct the corresponding inventory.

Whether you're managing multiple locales, sister websites, or an operation unique to your business, the Multiple Store Inventory Sync is everything you need to reduce your workload, eliminate user errors, and increase efficiency.

You can start keeping real-time inventory across all of your stores with the Multiple Store Inventory Sync plugin by visiting the 3dcart App Store.