The attractiveness of your advertisement banners plays a critical role in the success of your marketing efforts. Today’s demanding shoppers care about more than just a price tag. They’re looking for businesses that share their philosophy and passion – brands that present a unique proposition in an increasingly humdrum eCommerce sea of clones.

Shoppers are hard to sway these days in large part to the ubiquitous presence of online advertisements, unconsciously accepted as an unavoidable aspect of the online experience. To capture a click and draw a customer into the sales process, your ad needs to be visually appealing and capable of eliciting strong emotions. Anything less than amazing will result in nothing more than a cursory glance, and more importantly, countless lost sales for your online store.

To help merchants generate more traffic and maximize profits, 3dcart is launching a new Banner Design service. Launching with two packages, the Banner Design service is for store owners looking to advertise through AdWords or Facebook.

Banner Design package details:

AdWords Display Banner Design

  • 1 professionally designed banner
  • Preset layouts optimized for Google AdWords
  • $200/per banner set

Facebook Banners Design

  • 6 unique, professionally designed banners
  • 1 dimension per banner optimized for Facebook
  • $200/per banner set

Ready to let a team of illustrious designers elevate your marketing efforts to the next level? Learn more about AdWords and Facebook banners at the 3dcart App Store.